More Teen Titans GO! Pops Coming Soon?

You have probably seen the Toys R Us exclusive Teen Titans GO! Pops (Robin as Batman, Raven as Wonder Woman and Starfire as The Flash) but it seems the rest of the gang could also be on the way! The back of the boxes of the Toys R Us exclusives also show concept art for Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter and Cyborg as Green Lantern! No other details are available at this time so we don’t know where they will end up but it does seem like they are on the way! Will they show up at SDCC? Or another store as exclusives? Let us know what you think in the comments!



17 thoughts on “More Teen Titans GO! Pops Coming Soon?

  1. Does anyone know when Robin, Raven and Starfire are suppost to come out at Toys R Us?

    1. Some time in july…no actual date. Yet….

      On another note….
      I hope they arent toys r us or target or walmart exclusives lol…anywhere but there or the cons so people can actually have a chance

      1. I’ve found Walmart to be the absolute worst. They barely even have a Funko section, yet they get these great exclusives…
        Took me driving 35 minutes, to my 5th Walmart, to find the damn BvS GITD 2 Pack. That specific Walmart actually had the best selection, yet they’re out in the middle of nowhere! Lol

      2. Since Raven, Robin and Starfire are Toys R Us exclusives, Beast Boy and Cyborg might be as well

  2. This same sorta thing happened with Space Ghost, had Brak and Zorak listed on the back of the Space Ghost Pop! box and idk when we’ll be getting them.

    1. If youre fortunate enough to actually get them in stores quick enough or even preorder them

  3. I have the Original 5 . Would be nice to add another 5 of the new ones to the collection.

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