Marvel Collector Corps makes past boxes directly available

UPDATE : The past MCC boxes are available right now at 30% off for a limited time.

The Marvel Collector Corps Facebook account has just announced that past boxes are now directly available to current and previous subscribers. More information can be found in their website post.

In the past, these boxes were only available to new subscribers.

MCC states that due to licensing restrictions, the past boxes are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

No word on whether Smuggler’s Bounty or Legion of Collectors will follow suit.  A quick check of those websites show no changes to the Members Cart features.


46 thoughts on “Marvel Collector Corps makes past boxes directly available

  1. Would love if the webpage actually works. Hundreds of people are reporting outtages with the website or the login server. I guess the scalpers flooded the server

  2. Hopefully now I’ll be able to get The Smuggler’s Bounty and LoC boxes I missed. Need that Flocked Chewie and Armored Batman!

  3. Terrible news! The whole point of collecting is limited supply. Look what happened when Nintendo unvaulted Amiibos, now they have tons unsold. It’s called Collector Corps, shouldn’t keep re releasing things, it diminishes value. Hope Funko stops terrible decisions like this.

    1. I don’t know why you’d look at this as bad news. Too many people seem to define themselves by how exclusive their collection is or how valuable their top ten is. So some other people who couldn’t afford it the first time around might get their chance at owning a hulkbuster toy too. Why deprive somebody else of something?

      1. Anytime a company that produces collectibles tries to thwart or interfere in the 2nd hand market they do so at their own detriment. Collectibility is driven by multiple factors, the biggest being supply and demand. Increasing supply to meet demand, lowers the value you of your collectibles. Even if you aren’t making more, making them more readily available lowers value. If you lower the value of items, they become less collectible and the company ends up selling less of other products in the future because value speculation helps drive 1st sales numbers. If the company is profiting on it’s sales, they should not get themselves involved in the 2nd hand market.

        1. They are toys, get over it. Your hulkbuster may go from 41.00 ppg value to 30.00 ppg value and a bunch of people who don’t want to pay ridiculous flipper prices will get to have something they really want in the process. “If that guy gets to have the same thing I have, it makes what I have less special” is the lamest excuse to try to limit access to other people. The “secondary market” is a really polite way of referring to the opportunistic jerks who run to target and bay all the special edition batman pops for 10.00 a piece then turn around and sell them on eBay for 100.00+. In my opinion anything we can do to stop that type of behavior is worth it.

          1. Maybe you should re-read my post, because I said it was bad for the original distributor.
            Sorry you don’t like how capitalism works. I wasn’t complaining about them making the boxes more available, all I did was point out they do so at the risk of their own detriment. You personally may not care if pops have a collectible value, but lots of people do, hence PopPriceGuide. Otherwise all the pops would be valued at retail. Let me ask if you found yourself in financial distress and needed money would you sell your pops for PPG value or retail? Before you answer, be careful you don’t want to make a profit that would make you a part of those opportunistic jerks trying to profit off of toys.

            Also the secondary market you disdain so much is the only way some people have access to certain exclusives. I for example live in an area where there is no BoxLunch store, the targets and walmarts around me carry about a dozen pops each and hardly ever get exclusives. So I guess I shouldn’t be able to buy them since the only way I can get them is on the secondary market right?

        2. i love pops, I love collecting them, not because I want to turn around and make a fortune some day, but because I love the characters and being able to use them as a way to introduce my daughter to different comic characters. I also love ppg because it’s ideal for keeping track of what I have and a good barometer of market value when I’m looking for pops I want to buy online. That being said, if you’re into this thing to get rich, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. I wish the value of these pops were all around 10-30.00. I still pay ridiculous money if I want a pop enough, but when the company does something like this and makes it a little easier for collectors to get their hands on pops that were previously out of their reach, it’s a good thing.

          1. If all pops were valued at 10-30 dollars, then Funko would sell a lot less of them. If they sold less of them, they would make less of them or just stop making them all together. Funko thrives because of the second hand value of their products.

        3. Wow I have seen the light when a flipper decides to sell something that they bought for 10.00 on eBay for $150 then they really are doing the Lords work. Not all heroes wear capes.

          1. Let’s find where you really draw the line okay?
            Funko hires a company in China, or vietnam or bangladesh, to take 30 cents worth of vinyl and make a figure for which funko pays them what say 90 cents each? Is this 200% mark up acceptable?

            Funko then packages these roughly 90 cent figures and sells them to retail out lets for 4-5 dollars each. Is this 500% mark up acceptable?

            The retailer then sells them to customers, for 9-15 dollars a piece for a 200% to 300% mark up. Is this where you draw the line?

            Now I know you love your Batman Zur En Arrh example, but it is hardly common, and while it is excessive. The value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it. But let’s look at a more common situation.

            A “flipper” buys a Hot topic exclusive for 11.99 and turns around and sells it on ebay or Mercari or a facebook group for 18 to 20, some make the buyer pay shipping some don’t. But after you add a box and bubblewrap, labels and printer ink, Oh wait Ebay is going to take 10% of the purchase price and shipping charge. Paypal is going to take another 3% plus a 30 cent fee. How much do you really think a flipper is making on that pop? Maybe 2 bucks? or a mark up of less than 20% and this is where you draw the line?

        4. We clearly are not going to end up agreeing on this, and that’s cool, but thanks for the little debate, it’s been fun. Good luck with the collection.

      2. I disagree. The whole point of getting these boxes is to get the ‘exclusive’ Pops. You make sure to pay month to month to get them and if they just release them out to whoever it takes away from that. What’s the point of getting the boxes if you can just go online and order them whenever you want? I could care less how much their worth but it cheapens the whole experience.

        1. id guess that the benefit of subscribing is that you get the box sooner than other people, in the event of a box selling out you are guaranteed your box, shirt sizes also sell out so subscribing guarantees your size, and on the rare occasion of a chase pop (this hasn’t happened with mcc yet but has with smugglers bounty) I’d assume that those would go to subscribers during the initial delivery.

    2. They aren’t re-releasing them just selling whats left of the stock they have once they are gone they are gone..

    3. The Whole point of collecting is to collect what you like. Can’t really compare this to Amiibos; Pop has a wide variety as to Nintendo Limited to their own characters.

    4. Diminishes value? Collecting Pops used to be a lot more fun before people like yourself were obsessed about the value. They should re-release different collections now and again. Especially some of the older ones that were released at the beginning. Sorry that your Collector Corp Pops might decrease a few dollars. I guess you’ll need a different retirement plan lol.

    5. I hope they take your advice right after they re-release the Red, White and Pink Power Rangers.

    6. I agree and I have seen videos where a company called Underground Toys are putting MCC pops in pop in a box subscription boxes as exclusives…….I began from day 1 on the pretense of exclusive pops that can’t be found anywhere else……how many are out there?????

  4. So many people whining all of the time. These boxes have always been available if you really wanted them, all you had to do was sign up for a new subscription and get the previous boxes then cancel your original subscription.

  5. They are discounted as well. If you missed the hulkbuster, buy it on eBay. One reason pops are so popular is because not only are some worth $, but they are also awesome. Maybe some people want to sell their pops some day, re releasing items discourages long time collectors as it devalues pops. For example hulkbuster has been out for a year. Been $50 on amazon, now will plummet to $20 or less. Sorry to those missing pops, but re releasing them will eventually kill the hobby.

    1. Like someone earlier pointed out, it’s pathetic that people are so obsessed with how exclusive their collection is or what it’s worth. Sure, maybe it’s fun for them, but they just come off as selfish when they don’t want others to have what they have. Great decision by Funko to sell off remaining stock 😀

      1. I apologize you don’t understand logic or capitalism. This will ruin POPS if they keep it up. I don’t care about my collection, it’s ALL POP’S that go down in value. You didn’t get the hulkbuster, tough, should have signed up.a year the true collectors. If u didn’t your an amateur and get what you get. Stay ahead of the game and don’t expect handouts. Everyone doesn’t get a blue ribbon. The entitlement of you kids is sad. If you missed a pop, guess what you have to pay more, such is life. In the future, just buy it releases. Collectibles value is determined by collectors, when they stop being collectibles, they become worthless/pogs/beanie babies/baseball cards l. The scarcity of certain pops drives up the value of all pops. You can’t always get what you want in life,and sometimes you.have to pay.

        1. Lol yikes, you do realize we are talking about toys right? No need to get all up in arms about it friend.

        2. Haha looks like I hit a nerve. Just sick of the whiners complaining about the value. And I agree with you that just like all other collectibles they will be worthless, but honestly who cares. Everyday someone starts a new topic saying they found a Pop that has a slight factory defect and wonders how much more it’s worth. These are not a commodity. They are plastic toys with falsely inflated values. And who cares if someone gets a Hulkbuster late, I bet it makes them happy to have it in their collection.

          1. And in terms of ruining Pops, I think they’ve already started down that road. There are far too many Pops, and they’ve branched out to other products too quickly as well. Obviously their business plan is to make as much as they can while they are popular (a common one, I’m sure). You can even tell that the quality has diminished in the last year.

          2. Lol at hit a nerve. Again the point made is something isn’t “exclusive” if everyone gets one. I didn’t sign up for corps to sell, I signed up to get things others don’t have, things exclusive to Corp members. Now everyone can get these “exclusives” for cheaper than retail. You can have all the Guardians boxes u want, but to basically s### on the loyal collectors is garbage. I do agree with you Funko will be gone if they don’t stop expanding/unvaulting pops. Of course they are toys, but we drive and jump thru hoops to get that one pop u want. Doesn’t that qualify as more than buying “toys”, collecting maybe? To take that away and make all pops commons is foolish. Just a bad road to go on, look at the hot.topic/target exclusive re release. Sure you got one, but so did everyone else. The point of a collection of for it to be unique to each person.

        3. I think you’re wrong, I think this a good thing and apparently Funko does too. So I’m happy that Funko is smart enough to make remaining stock available to others and I hope this trend continues because it’s a tremendous idea. I’m sorry you’re so upset about it, maybe you’ll come around eventually.

          1. Nah, if this trend.continues, Funko will be out, and we will be back to collecting something else. Love the comment below someone finally thinks objectively, rather than selfishly, low stock is better for all.

        4. It’s going to be great, I hope they start re-releasing or unvaulting some of the classic pops that flippers are asking ridiculous prices for. I’d love to complete my avengers collection or fill in some blanks on my batman collection without going broke. Funko is awesome! So happy they’re devoted to the fans instead of flippers.

          1. Wow so you are just trolling. Wow I fell for that, no one could make those statements seriously and believe them. Congrats you fooled me.

  6. I’m finding the debate on this topic fascinating but also agreeing with the sentiments on both sides and I tell you why. I’m new to collecting Pops. Two years ago I had one Pop. A gift. Didnt know much about them. One year ago I had five Pops, some of the popular superheroes and an oversized one. The more I got the more I wanted. So here’s where I’m torn. I would love all Pops to be available at original retail price. I would love to be able to choose what I want, when I wanted it having decided to only buy 1 or 2 of my favourite characters from any range (say Walking Dead or Game of Thrones). New to the game I quickly learnt I couldn’t do that though. In their infinite wisdom Funko had decided to stop making some Pops (and Vaulting them) either because of licensing rules or poor sales or cleverly to make people buy a Pop they were undecided about quickly before it wasn’t available anymore (and second hand prices rocketed). But like I said, new to the game, I had missed the boat on some figures so if I really wanted them would have to pay extra for them; market prices, capitalism… I get it. But having paid a bucket load for ‘rare’ Pops like Superman Sloth and or a 1989 Batman (and let me tell you you’re lucky in the USA because Pops cost way more and half the exclusives are never available in the UK and when they are they are expensive compared to the States) imagine my fury IF I’d then found out they were going to re-release those valuted Pops and at normal price. OK so in those examples they haven’t yet but in the case of the Collector Boxes by making figures available by selling unsold boxes, even if it’s releasing stock they already have, it makes the exclusivity of getting the boxes somewhat less exclusive. Of course that shouldn’t be the point. It should be about getting items at a reduced price and before anyone else can. But if you’re collecting you’ll always want something no one else has. It’s human nature. And they’re called Collector boxes for goodness sake! Basically, in an ideal world anything you wanted should be available at a price everyone else has to pay. But as someone pointed out, it’s not an ideal world. I feel sorry for new collectors like I was who shell out a lot to get supposedly unavailable stock only to find it more available than they thought.

  7. I buy what I like and want to have.

    If other people have the same things I do, it bothers me 0%. Likewise if they got a better deal. Good for them.

    This is a silly hobby, not a career. It’s supposed to be fun. Re-releasing old / rare stuff helps keep it fun for new collectors in a growing market. If it bothers you so much that your Hulkbuster is now a little less rare, then take one for the team and throw yours in a bonfire.

    1. Yep and they will go.the way of pogs,beanie babies, baseball cards, furby, tickle me Elmo, and countless other fads. The reason Funko has survived for so long is the exclusivity, look at what they have done at Comic con. You have a large segment of people who go for POPS ONLY, and travel to Those aren’t all flippers, but people spend $1000’s of dollars to buy a $12 toy. The reason? That toy is worth more than they paid for it, simple economics. “One Day” it may be worth something. We all buy what we like, if u missed it, online or elsewhere, it’s called economics. Shocking how hard of a concept this seems to be. demand =end of Funko

      1. Pop! is no way the same thing as Beanies, Sports Cards, Pogs (really?) or any other Fad. Pop! appeals to everyone one young/old. The collectibles you mentioned are really specific and only certain people liked them. Will Pop! die down? Maybe, Maybe not. I can see it being consistent for years to come, just because of the unlimited characters/themes they can do.

        So far we know Toys have lasted this long as being collectible and Pop! are toys after all.

      2. Freddy, you’re a one-hit wonder. You’ve been harping about economics/capitalism and the impending doom of Funko for days now. We get what you’re saying, but on this one you’re really over-reacting. Funko didn’t just come out and say “we are re-making every pop we’ve ever made and selling them for half of the original retail cost.” They are only putting remaining stock of the mcc box out there (presumably to free up storage space), they aren’t mass producing hulkbusters and thus far this isn’t even extending beyond mcc. Let’s pretend this extends to smugglers bounty and loc, then what you’ve got 20 pops roughly that will be available to collectors who were late to the party? That’s nothing, and once they are truly sold out, then they are gone forever. Pogs didn’t go out of business because the pog factory decided to make them more available, they faded off into nothingness because pogs are stupid lol. People got sick of throwing a slammer at a bunch of cardboard discs. Beanie babies still have a very devoted following, but clearly they aren’t as popular as they once were, primarily because of competition from newer toys/dolls that came along. There was also an over saturation “too much too fast” element that caused them to lose favor, but that wasn’t because of releasing unsold stock and pissing off flippers, it was because every thing they put out had 45 different variants (deadpool). It got silly and that turned people off. Baseball cards are a better argument when you consider that people are ho weren’t even fans were buying them as an investment, and that caused the card companies to mass produce more and saturate the market. But that’s not what Funko is doing with their sub boxes, they are just selling off the stuff that already exists and is sitting on their shelves collecting dust.

  8. Wow everyone has alot to say on the rerelease but if anyone cares….I just saw that the Legion of Collectors Boxes(past) are also available directly for 17.50 + shipping

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