GameStop Exclusive Blue Ranger Pop! Coming Soon

You may have seen that Funko recently announced the release of more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pops, which has many people very excited! Well GameStop just added to that excitement my listing an exclusive metallic Blue Ranger Pop! on their website! It is available to pre-order for $10.99. (Also available to pre-order in-store.)


Do you think we will see the rest of the Rangers get the metallic treatment? Let us know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “GameStop Exclusive Blue Ranger Pop! Coming Soon

  1. I hope they at least do a green metallic ranger. I’m kind of a Tommy fanboy.

    1. Me too elementocala! Do you live in ocala FL? green ranger aka Tommy has always been one of my idols ever since I was like 5 I can’t wait already have them all paid for at GS!!!

      1. Jimmy, im a JDF fan as well! i got to meet him a few times. my coworkers son goes to his Do-Jo and i was able to meet him! he is awesome!

      1. They actually had metallic armor on the show for a couple episodes…after they got their ninja powers. Great throwback for those of us that remember.

        1. That’s cool. I remember this period, but I wasn’t super into it. I didn’t really watch Power Rangers religiously except for the first series. (And Time Force for some strange reason.) So if I’m getting a Blue Ranger I just want him to be Triceratops because that’s who I always played during recess in first grade. lol

    1. If you want the triceratops logo on the chest you would have to get the non metallic version. For some reason they have different logo. The wolf on the metallic version and the triceratop on the normal version. I was only going to get one, but now I’m going to have to get both, lol

  2. I imagine since this has the ninja armor logo on the chest that we won’t get a metallic green ranger. I would think it to be a metallic white ranger instead with the falcon logo. I am also guessing that we will be seeing a metallic red, yellow, black and pink with their respective ninja animals on the chest..

  3. Since this one has the wolf logo maybe they will make the other exclusives with the animals from the movie.

    1. I’m hoping so too! They should make them all (besides green because he wasn’t in the movie) metallic with their ninja animals! I have a feeling they would all be different store exclusives too! Hot topic, Walgreen’s, Walmart, target, toysrus and gamestop would make 6 different stores for all 6 different Rangers. Also gives them an excuse to re-release pink red and white again but different since they would be metallic!

    1. Me & my brother already pre-ordered the whole set at EB Games. Double check with your local EB Games since they have been up on there system since last month. Thinking of getting a extra set

  4. I now have the entire collection!! I am trying to get my hands on the glow in the dark white ranger!

    1. Me too but the White Ranger GITD is hard to get since the value is at $300 to $500

  5. I ordered 2 tonight. I’m assuming at least one more exclusive ranger from Hot Topic. Do you guys think these will ever get as pricey as the old ones? Maybe the Exclusives will. I think k the commons will be a dime a dozen.

  6. Most of them now won’t reach the same values as the originals. Those are only pricey because they weren’t as popular back then and probably weren’t as mass-produced in the same numbers. I just hope they re-release red/pink and maybe white to complete the set.

    1. Hoping this too, only just recently started collecting POPS… would love to get a hold of the Red, White and Pink.

  7. If they only had the ninja ranger line. The Ivan ooze movie was great! With this costume they should have the Dino logo 🙁 still looks great though 🙂

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