Funko Twitter Q&A Highlights : June 25, 2016

  1. Star Wars Rebels POPs planned for the fall.
  2. Hints at more Overwatch POPs.
  3. Star Wars Clone Wars POPs planned for this fall.
  4. Enchantress POP for the current Legion Of Collectors box “CONFIRMED.”
  5. Rogue One POPs this fall.
  6. They’ve been working on getting rights to James Bond “forever.”
  7. Limited quantity POPs at their SDCC booth are allocated per day.
  8. They would like to do Marvel Rock Candy.
  9. Won’t reveal exact production run of Zur En Arrh Batmans but states they were “VERY limited.”
  10. Deflected question about regular Duck Dodgers series, saying “enjoy SDCC exclusives for now.”
  11. iZombie POPs “soon.”
  12. Hints at a Tormund + Brienne 2-pack.
  13. Possible X-Men themed Collector Corps box.
  14. They’d “like” to do Legends Of Tomrrow POPs.
  15. Falkor from NeverEnding Story? “Okay. Maybe. We’ll see.”
  16. Hellcat POP in the works.
  17. No need to supply real names or full names to win their give-aways.
  18. Lost POPs “delayed indefinitely.”
  19. They’d “like” to do Mad Max POPs.
  20. Why so many Batman products? “…because he sells very well…”
  21. #71 in the Star Wars line is “the Force.”
  22. Funko prefers making POPs of fictional characters over actual persons.
  23. NYCC exclusives will be announced in September.

9 thoughts on “Funko Twitter Q&A Highlights : June 25, 2016

  1. You forgot that there is apparently an overwhelming desire for Doctor Who pops especially Clara. ?

  2. Considering that a GameStop list had Hawkman, the Atom, and Firestorm, I’m pretty sure it’s more a matter when for those.

    1. Those could be added to the Flash and Arrow series since those characters made their first appearance on those shows

  3. Hopefully them hinting at Tormund and Brienne 2-pack means that the next series of GoT pops will be announced soon. Seeing as how we don’t have a Tormund yet.

  4. I hope that they make Ahsoka & Captain Rex, even if they don’t I will be planning to get all the Clone Wars Pops.

  5. “Funko prefers making POPs of fictional characters over actual persons.”

    Good, I have been debating with someone on whether or not Funko will make a “Chewbacca Mom” Pop, and I am very happy they are on the side of staying away from making internet sensations into Pops…

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