Funko posts MCC Women Of Power unboxing video : SPOILERS!!!

Funko has just posted an unboxing video for its Marvel Collector Corps box. The theme is “Women Of Power” and Funko delivers with a bevy of Marvel beauties in this box!

First up, a Ms. Marvel patch and a Spider-Woman pin.


The comic for this month has an all-female cover and ties in to the current Marvel crossover event, Civil War II.


This month’s shirt? It matches the character on the box. It’s a nice grey and white study with Spider-Gwen smack dab in the middle!


We’re then shown a couple of Mystery Minis. She-Hulk and Captain Marvel powering up with flames/energy coming from her clenched fists.



And finally, the big POP reveal! An off-beat and really fun choice, this month’s POP is…..Squirrel Girl! You know she’s unbeatable right? Nice touch by the reviewers perching Tippy-Toe on Doreen’s head.


35 thoughts on “Funko posts MCC Women Of Power unboxing video : SPOILERS!!!

    1. How is the quality going down hill when they constantly put great value in the boxes? They cant cater to every single collectors specific desires. I feel they do a great job making different items and doing something for a wide range of fans. Just my opinion.

      1. I stated my opinion, but since you ask, A pop, a comic, a mystery mini(maybe two) and a patch and pin is not much of a box. In fact they know that, because people were pissed the last time they did mystery minis in a box. As for a women of Marvel box, let’s look at the lineup they chose to focus on, Mrs Marvel(This would be good, but the patch representation is awful), Spider-Woman(fine but kinda a dull character), Captain Marvel(Yeah you gotta help pimp the character for the upcoming movie we get it), She-Hulk(Finally a really good character, a nice mystery mini but still it’s a mystery mini) and Squirrel Girl(This horrendous joke of a character that won’t die and then they gave her some ridiculous level of importance and power)

        They put Spider Gwen on the box, but not one item includes her. Also how about maybe paying homage to some of the other great female characters that weren’t created in the last 30 years(other than Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel) like say Jean Grey, Sue Storm, Storm.

        Again my opinion, you don’t have to like it, but the fact that you disagree doesn’t make my opinion wrong.

        1. Well if you don’t like it you COULD unsubscribe instead of whinging about it like a brat. Personally I’m rather pleased about it. It’s all characters who have their own independent series except for Gwenpool that are in the box. If the Mystery Minis are anything to go by then there’s going to be a Marvel Women of Power Mini series. You can pick up a Storm at hot Topic for under ten bucks! Jean Grey’s getting a rerelease as Phoenix because that’s what most people know her for, Sue Storm is something that people like but are kinda meh about after the failures of movies those have been. If you don’t like how it’s OLD characters then why not stop and create your own via the DIY POPs or just go to DC?

          1. Or you could just accept that people have different opinions than you or you can go fuck your self either one

        2. Spider-Gwen was the t-shirt. Also the sub boxes always contained a patch, a pin, a comic and a wearable (always a shirt except once) so really your comment about it going down hill stems from the mystery minis being included. I’m a Dorbz guy myself but they have to cater to all collectors and mystery minis are insanely popular so I have no problem with them switching up the secondary item… so far we’ve gotten Dorbz, mystery minis, extra POP, keychain and Dorbz, mug, mopeez and Dorbz, extra pop and Dorbz and now mystery minis again. Seems pretty nicely spread out to me.

          1. No I actually included multiple reasons my biggest being character choice which I broke down for this particular box I could go further like the fact that they did another Bumbles Fett(the most overrated piece of crap character possibly in movie history) Pop and that robot who was in Empire for 2 seconds. Or how about the Jay Garrick pop that was based on a character that was not Jay Garrick?

            Again my opinion I’m entitled to have one. And in a comments section or a forum I have just as much right to express it as anyone else. Now you and NinFreakLan can go back to your circle jerk, I’ve said what I have to say.

        3. Oh look they have added a t shirt that was not shown before so that solves 1 issue with not putting Spider Gwen in the box.

  1. They didn’t waste much time posting this! I was really excited for this box as the female characters tend to get overlooked ie. I think this is the first time there has been a female pop in a Marvel Collector box but I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed with this box especially compared to the last one where we got two Pops and a Dorbz. I’m excited for the Squirrel Girl Pop but that’s about it.

    1. Better be careful saying you are disappointed in the quality of the boxes or some people around here will attack you for having a different opinion than them.

    1. Sorry, but you “called” the Squirrel Girl Pop? Anyone who watched the preview video knew they were making her the pop in the box. lol

  2. I think most people never even heard of Squirrel girl until people started chanting for her when this theme was announced. I would have rather have Sue Storm or Rogue or my favorite Black Cat. As far as the Marvel Corps boxes are concerned they have been pretty bad with the exception of Secret Wars and Avengers. as far as the legion of collectors I have enjoyed both pops they have put out so far and know I’ll love the next one as well. I feel like the Pop in this Marvel Corps box was self-indulgent. you could tell from the unboxing video that this pop was influenced primarily by the spokespeople. I think there needs to be a better criteria for what makes an exclusive for these boxes. I could see probably a handful of people getting excited for this Pop and items but you don’t sustain a business by keeping a handful of people happy. “hey Everybody you should subscribe to the Marvel Corps box” “why?” “you get an exclusive squirrel girl pop” “who…?”

    P.S. Even a handful of people thought Batman vs superman was good but most would consider it a failure.

    1. Wait aren’t they doing a Rogue and Black Cat? I saw pictures of them floating around somewhere from a pamphlet someone scanned.

  3. I subscribed for the year just in time to get this box. I bought 2 boxes previously at NYCC and was really happy with them. Considering the con was in October and I was about to purchase the first three boxes (Avengers: Ultron, Secret Wars, and Antman) I was thinking that I would be able to do the same again this year, assuming I get tickets.

    I have not started collecting minis yet, but am a Pop and Dorbz fan. I have to say that compared to some of he other boxes, I am not too excited. Was really looking forward to a Pop T-shirt. This one looks like some kid did an amateur silk screen on their own. A little too plain. Maybe I am expecting too much. I also thought the Squirrel Girl may have been flocked as well. (At least her tail).

    I guess I will have to look forward to the August box with Spiderman. Not every box can excite you as the first ones you get. (Hulkbuster was pretty cool). Now do I pull the trigger for the subscription for DC Collectors just to get Suicide Squad. I got a feeling Enchantress will be in there. (Please not another Harley Quinn)

  4. getting these boxes at a con can be worth the money. It is easier to pay $25 for these boxes and be happy with it even if you’re not thrilled about all the items. it’s tougher when you have to spend $35. It’s most likely Enchantress UNLESS that’s a SDCC exclusive but as a harley fan…I’d definitely wouldn’t mind another Harley.

  5. Wow…I didn’t think the pop was gonna be that lol! I figured it would be some awesome variant of spider-gwen or something.I’ll still hold on to it I guess.

  6. I just hope they eventually make the Valkyrie, Spider-Woman, Elektra and Ms. Marvel Pops from the comic cover (though two Carols in different outfits on the one cover is an odd choice). Any would be better than SG. I was hoping for an actual “woman” with “power”, not a character created as a joke of his ex…

  7. I love this box, Squirrel Girl is cheeky and cute, I mean look at those ears!

    Though I wish we could specify the contents, don’t really care for all those pins and such. Should be a shirt, the Exclusive Pop, and your choice of some other things. (A list of common pops or other related Marvel products)

    Whatever, still happy with every box so far. I happened to win a Marvel Women of Power box, as well as my regular order so if anyone is interested down the road ….. 😉

  8. This will be my first box and I’m very excited for it. It was a bummer to get spoiled but lesson learned and I will be more careful which instagram accounts I follow. I have seen a lot of complaints about this box and the featured pop. Squirrel Girl has been rumored to be the pop since the teaser with the accorn came out. Anyone who hated the idea of a Squirrel girl pop could have taken the hint as a warning and opted out. One of the reasons I subscribed to the collector corps box is the chance to get some more obscure Marvel Characters. This isn’t the first time the pop has been a lesser known comic character. Morbius anyone? They can’t all be headliners or even a huge body of content like Marvel would run out of heavy hitters after a while. I’m glad the pop is something quirky and totally different rather than another Spider-Gwen variant. She’s great and all but three is enough. The next box being Spider-man hopefully some of the people who are unhappy will be satisfied next time around.

    1. Since people keep saying just unsubscribe or cancel or opt out of this box or that box, let me ask you. I have a subscription longer than month to month. Where is the cancel and get your money back option? What’s that there isn’t one? Okay where is the opt out option? That doesn’t exist either, huh? How about skip a box? 0-3 You’re out. So really there was no option to not get this box because I stuck with this box despite some of their horrible missteps in my opinion like the awful Guardians box and the overrated Deadpool box. My mistake obviously, but that doesn’t change the fact that not getting this box wasn’t an option.

      1. Their response will be “should have went month to month”. people that shut others down so simple have no sympathy so no point in even reasoning with them.

      2. Like I said, this is my first box. I didn’t realise some people didn’t have the option to cancel their subscription. For that assumption I apologize. I still think it’s a cool pop. I know it’s not everyone’s taste. Hope you have better luck next time.

  9. Why even bother with Villains like Thanos if a god damn pied Piper of rodents can defeat him? The Infinity War movie is going to end pretty quickly once Tony calls up Squirrel Girl…

  10. At this point I hope Tony WILL call upon Squirrel Girl so this pop will increase in value a bit.;)

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