Funko Exclusives at Star Wars Celebration Europe

It’s the third installment of Star Wars Celebration Europe and Funko has decided to join the fray! Their press release states that they are partnering with their European distributor, Underground Toys, to bring 4 exclusive Pops to the event. These Pops are focused on the original Star Wars trilogy





Photos of a Blue Senate Guard POP have also surfaced on Instagram with the same event sticker.

(Image removed at request of Box Lunch)

6 thoughts on “Funko Exclusives at Star Wars Celebration Europe

  1. Will they be available in the U.S., Not threw eBay but threw brick and mortar stores?

    1. Most likely, yes. The event isn’t until July 16th so more details will likely be available nearer to the time

  2. All but 4-lom have the galactic convention sticker which was the sticker for ones sold in stores, the Star Wars celebration sticker on 4-lom is for ones sold at convention

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