Entertainment Earth Exclusive SDCC Patina Aquaman Pop!

Entertainment Earth will be selling an exclusive Patina Aquaman at San Diego Comic Con booth this year! The Pop! just went up on their site and while it is available for pre-order, those orders will only be fulfilled if there is leftover stock from the Con. Will you be placing an order in the hope there will be spares? Let us know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Entertainment Earth Exclusive SDCC Patina Aquaman Pop!

    1. I’d check popcultcha after they release them at Supanova; they’re supposed to be selling leftovers like EE for Aquaman

  1. Just bought 2! I’ve been waiting SO long for them to release patina Aquaman!!! Almost cried

    1. You don’t get charged until they ship. If they sell out before your order is filled then your order just gets cancelled and your card is never charged..

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