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You’ve probably noticed that the popularity of Dorbz has increased dramatically over recent months and with Funko announcing more and more franchises as part of the Dorbz family, it’s only going to get crazier! That’s why, at PPG, we want to embrace these adorable little collectibles and present the Dose of Dorbz segment!

Every so often, we will post a Dose of Dorbz article that details recently announced lines, any upcoming exclusives as well as ‘spotlights’ on certain sets – anything a Dorbz-nut needs to know, or may have missed!

For our first Dose of Dorbz, we are going to put the Alice in Wonderland set under the spotlight! If you didn’t know, there are five Dorbz that make up the collection, Alice, Iracebeth (The Red Queen), Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and his chase counterpart – disappearing Cheshire.


Alice – the only Dorbz in this set that I don’t actually own myself – has incredible detail on her dress and definitely resembles Mia Wasikowska’s Alice from the movie.


My personal favourite from this series is without a doubt Mad Hatter, his sculpted eyebrows and bowtie, plus his ridiculous hair and hat just all come together to make this a must-buy.

Dorbz-Cheshire-Cat Dorbz-Cheshire-Cat-Chase

The addition of a tail and the slightly different head shape on the Cheshire molds were a nice touch, and as with most of Funko’s Cheshire items, he looks adorable. The disappearing chase variant is a simple difference, but looks incredible in person; especially when you catch it in the light.


Iracebeth is probably the most detailed out of the set, from the paint job on her dress to the detailing in her staff and crown. She definitely rounds out a fantastic group of Dorbz!

You can check out a few photos below. I’ll try and include these when I can as sometimes the glamshots don’t quite capture the detail on some pieces.

IMG_20160602_184438 IMG_20160602_181344 IMG_20160523_184612

Have you picked up any Alice in Wonderland Dorbz yet? Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Newly announced Dorbz

It’s been a pretty great week for Dorbz news! Yesterday, Funko unveiled their Suicide Squad line and that included four Dorbz; The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Enchantress!

jpeg (9) jpeg (8) jpeg (7) jpeg (6)

If you would’ve asked me two weeks ago if I was desperate for any Howard the Duck merchandise, I would’ve given you a definitive “no”. That all changed when Funko announced their new ‘Specialty Series’ Howard the Duck Dorbz. You’ll be able to find these at smaller and independent businesses (like comic and collectibles stores) soon!


Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

So, that’s it for PPG’s first Dose of Dorbz segment! Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to leave any suggestions or feedback!

— Order the Alice in Wonderland Dorbz at Entertainment Earth now!

— Pre-order the Suicide Squad Dorbz at Entertainment Earth now!


9 thoughts on “Dose of Dorbz

  1. Love the dose of Dorbz. I’d like to more horror film Dorbz, or maybe classic cartoons like Masters,Tom & Jerry,GI Joe,etc

    1. I have a feeling we will be seeing more horror Dorbz around Halloween. Fingers crossed on the other lines you mentioned!

  2. Loving the Dorbz I now have 7 so I might be hooked 😀
    Great job on the Dorbz pics they look amazing!

  3. I just don’t get Dorbz, never will, I think they look horrid and really boring lol. Pop’s! all the way..

  4. The Alice in Wonderland are my favorite dorbz I own so far as well as the the 4 other Alice Dorbz from the animated version but wish the would do a Cheshire from animated movie plus the Catapilar

  5. I have been selling a couple Little Mermaid pink dress Chase Dorbz. I just discovered what a Chase was and now today after buying some Chloe discovered what the heck a Pop flocked is. Total newbie. embarrassed.

    I saw the Cheshire cats disappearing Dorbz. Not sure if it’s worth getting a bunch non-chase to go for Chase. Also what the heck to do with a box of mystery minis. are people opening them all to find out the good ones or just selling them blind?

    1. I’m assuming since you mentioned selling a couple of Chase Dorbz Little Mermaid figures that you have a Funko dealer license. If that’s the case you should be able to buy a Case of 6 and get 1 Chase Cheshire Cat Dorbz in that box since the ratio for the piece is 1:6. They are currently valued at $34 so just selling the 1 Chase Dorbz will come close to covering the price of the 6 I’m guessing? As far as Mystery Mini’s some people want to buy full unopened cases and others just buy a few blind boxes in hopes of getting the one’s they want. Unopened in their boxes retail makes sense since you don’t know what you’ve got but once you know what you have you can sell opened Mini’s to help complete someone’s set based on the going rate and ratio of each piece so you could potentially make a bit more in the long run by knowing which one’s you have especially if you have hard to find items in the mix. Some Mystery Mini Case possibilities are as low as 1:12 so those are all quite common and can usually all be found within a full unopened case. Other Mini’s only appear in every 1:72 and even 1:144 boxes so those are the one’s that will really be worth a lot more in a secondary market for resale so it depends on what type of Mystery Mini boxes/cases you have.

  6. Great article! I still haven’t started collecting Dorbz but the more line’s they add the more tempting it is! Especially with the Scooby Doo line. 🙂

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