A-Team and Agent Daisy Johnson Pops! Clockwork Orange Vinyl Idolz!

At the moment, Funko is doing a Periscope for Wave 2 of its SDCC 2016 reveals. While that’s going on, it also announced a bunch of new items.

First up, is the release of POPs based on one of the most popular shows in the 80s. The A-Team POPs are finally here! And there’s even a POP Ride of their famous van with a B.A. Barracus POP which will be unique to the Ride! This makes the second POP that features Mr. T with the first being Clubber Lang in the Rocky Balboa line.






The Marvel Collector Corps blog has also posted that an Agent Daisy Johnson POP will be released in August. a7

And finally, Funko announced a new addition to its Vinyl Idolz line. Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.a6

8 thoughts on “A-Team and Agent Daisy Johnson Pops! Clockwork Orange Vinyl Idolz!

  1. According to the Funko website it says the B.A. That comes with the Van will be unique to pop rides

  2. Pop! Ride: The A-Team

    Don’t forget to add The A-Team Van Pop! Ride to your collection!
    The iconic A-Team transport comes with a unique B.A. Baracus
    Pop!, which is exclusive to the Pop! Ride!
    This was what was posted on the Funko website

  3. Looking more closely at the van packaging, it appears that B.A. will have a long-sleeve red shirt underneath overalls (I remember that outfit from the show), whereas the standalone B.A. just has the vest and is shirtless underneath.

    1. Good eye ! I was trying to see what the difference was (I remember that outfit as well…never missed a show)

  4. I’ve SO been waiting for these, I might even get the Alex DeLarge. Kudos Funko, you’ve earned my money YET AGAIN!

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