(UPDATED) Upcoming Marvel Exclusives!

UPDATE: The Amazon exclusive Captain America is now up for pre-order for $12.99.


Original post as follows:

Funko held a Periscope livestream last night and showcased some upcoming exclusive items!

First up, a Deadpool in a suit Pop! and Dorbz will be exclusive to Previews (comicbook store distributor). No date was given on these so we will update you when we know more!


Spider-Gwen fans will be pleased to know that two variants of the upcoming Pop! are on the way! Walgreens will be stocking an exclusive ‘Unmasked’ version that should be arriving in stores in July, while Hot Topic will be selling the ‘Unhooded’ variant which is set to start showing up at the end of June.

Screenshot_20160517-180515~2 Screenshot_20160517-180528~2

With the 75th anniversary of Captain America coming up, Funko have revealed another exclusive! Described in the video as ‘Sepia’, this light blue Cap will be available exclusively at Amazon.com. The pre-order should be up on the site any day now so keep your eyes peeled!


(ICYMI: Kohl’s will be also be stocking an exclusive Captain America Pop! holding a translucent shield)

Sorry for the terrible picture quality, hopefully Funko will release some glamshots soon so you can have a better look at these upcoming exclusives!


33 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Upcoming Marvel Exclusives!

  1. These are great! Definitely most interested in the Captain America Amazon and Kohl’s exclusives.

  2. Not real excited for more Deadpools, especially since all they do is same pose, just add something to him. But love the Captain America’s, and the Spider Gwen’s. Just wish it wasn’t a Walgreens exclusive. But still a good group of exclusives

  3. Not too thrilled about more Deadpool, not that I dislike the character by anymeans, but there are 7 too many of them out now, what’s next, Deadpool with a Taco Bell shirt, visor, and drive thru headset lol. Now those Caps are a must have. And I like to get the exclusives instead of the commons usually, but the original Spider Gwen is just awesome looking, imo.

    1. I actually have to agree with you on that one now. To be honest though, I didn’t get into collecting and didn’t even own a single Funko, until I got the Collector’s Corps Deadpool. That kick started an idea to try and hunt them all down but I then realized how many amazing Funkos are out there.
      3 months later… I now own close to 40 Funkos and only a handful are Deadpool. I really think the latest Mystery boxes looked pretty nice, but the previous Mystery Deadpools were nothing more than the same figure with different colors. At least these latest ones are more original looking and Funko didn’t just slap a different color of paint over the base model.
      Btw I think the Batman Funkos are much cooler looking and those are the ones I plan to hunt down as many different variants as I can.

    1. I wish someone could find that out, but as of now I just keep checking back on this article and searching Kohl’s site.
      I’m curious how much more traffic they’re seeing on their site with us obsessed collectors checking back constantly.
      The best advice I could give is to set a reminder, on your phone, to remind you each Sunday to check. Plus this page as well, whenever I remember to look throughout the week.

  4. Great I’m expecting to never see the Walgreens Gwen. Mostly because our local pharmacists get the exclusives and set them on fire before stuffing the shelves with more Frozen crap.

  5. Grrrr! Amazon captain America preorders already sold out. Guess I should of checked ppg first before watching Arrow lol sucks though cause I been waiting and checking twice a day for it to go up and missed it only by a couple hours.

    1. check back I just pre-ordered mine and they are going up throughout the day to deter scalpers

  6. Take it easy guys. I didn’t get a chance to grab the Amazon exclusive Captain American so I spoke to an Amazon representative. She said they will “get the item from the Manufacturer after a week”. I have our conversation log and will be happy to share if anyone doesn’t believe me.

  7. I pre-ordered mine (or the wife did anyway) about an hour and a half ago. I’d say they are just putting a few up for pre-order at a time.

  8. Wow! I ordered mine at 1:50 pm (EST) for $12.99. But now I see that it’s unavailable on Amazon. Thanks PPG for the update earlier—I ordered as soon as I read it.

    1. I totally doubt it because that’s not a normal thing for Kohl’s, but man do I hope they decide to! Unfortunately it more than likely won’t happen.

  9. The thing that turns me off about that Deadpool in a suit is that all they did is stuff Deadpool’s head on Saul Goidman’s repainted body. Lazy, and lame. Can you say cash grab?

    1. “Can you say cash grab?”

      Wow, it’s seriously taken you this long to catch on that this is what funko is all about?!

      1. No matter where I go on the Internet, there’s always a troll to give his worthless 2 cents….
        I only collect exclusives so I sure as hell hope they keep it up too!

  10. Back in stock on Amazon for pre-order (Captain America) got my order in! 😀

  11. Sweet! Got mine as well! Now gotta go hunting for the kohl’s one when it comes out!

  12. Does anyone seem to realize that unhooded and unmasked spider gwen are the same. Realistically unhooded should have a Mask!!! Hence the term unhooded would make more sense. Visa versa unmasked should have a hood. I won’t who had too much JB on the job with this idea??

  13. Sadly, I’ll never see the Walgreens Gwen Exclusive…all we have around here is Frozen and SW’s. NEVER even found an Unmasked Black Panther.

    1. I would probably say it won’t be, considering the other Amazon releases aren’t too hard to find for their original MSRP, but then again Captain America’s 75th Anniversary is a big deal and with the success of the movies, it could be one most won’t ever let go of.
      I’d save yourself the possible future headache and just preorder it now. Also, even if you don’t currently have the funds to pay for it, don’t worry because Amazon won’t try to pull the funds until a couple days before the release. They do it that way so that the day it’s released it most likely will be on your doorstep btw

  14. I keep coming back here, in hopes I’ve somehow missed the Kohl’s release and there is some updated news, but it seems we are all still playing the waiting game…
    Sure wish there was some way I could have a notification set to alert me when those puppies go on sale. I really fear I’ll miss out and that the Kohl’s Captain America will end up being much rarer; considering this is the first Kohl’s Exclusive (correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of another) and they aren’t taking preorders.
    My only other thought is that local collectors in my area (BFE Iowa…) might frequent this site and have no idea yet that these are coming. Sure seems like collectors are on the ball with this stuff and unfortunately so are the scalpers…

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