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UPDATE: Funko just shared a blog post on the Legion of Collectors site stating that the Toys R Us exclusive Teen Titans GO! Pops will be available in July .

10081_TeenTitans_StarfireAsFlash_Glam_HiRes 10080_TeenTitans_RavenAsWW_Glam_HiRes 10079_TeenTitans_RobinAsBatman_Glam_HiRes


Original post as follows:

You may have seen the Periscope livestream that Funko held on Thursday night showcasing some upcoming exclusives! If you missed it, here’s a recap of what was shown.

Teen Titans/DC Heroes Mash-ups (based on the Teen Titans GO! episode “Two Parter”)

Screenshot_20160527-234308~2 Screenshot_20160527-234331~2 Screenshot_20160527-234354~2

Starfire as The Flash, Raven as Wonder Woman and Robin as Batman – Toys R Us exclusives

Glow in the Dark My Little Pony Pops

Screenshot_20160527-233851~2 Screenshot_20160527-233846~2 Screenshot_20160527-233842~2

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy – Walmart exclusives

Hot Topic exclusives

Screenshot_20160527-233750~2 Screenshot_20160527-233745~2

Aloha Stitch


Rick with Portal Gun (from Rick and Morty)

Funko also previewed a few of the latest Arrow/The Flash Pops and the back of the boxes gave us our first look at a six inch Grodd and Malcolm Merlin.

Screenshot_20160527-234247~2 Screenshot_20160527-234119~2


14 thoughts on “Upcoming Exclusive Pops

    1. The Titan pops are pretty cool! I wonder if fye will have an exclusive Malcom Merlyn (Vortex Manipulator)

  1. I’m not a fan of Twen Titans Go, but that Batman version of Robin is cool enough on its own.

  2. I definitely want those Teen Titans pops. And the Stitch. And Malcolm Merlyn, who if he ends up being a con exclusive, I hope will be available at Hot Topic as well.

  3. Definitely getting Raven as Wonder Woman and Rick with the portal gun! Maybe Robin as Batman

  4. I hope they also release Cyborg as Green Lantern, and Beat Boy as the Martian Manhunter.

  5. Soooooo sick!!!! Grodd. Ah !!!!! Zoom is the dopest super Villain ever though!!!! Who gets so bored they pretend to be a hero just to give false hope and instill fear in people?……what a bad guy!!!!! Hahaha

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