Star Trek: Beyond Pops Coming Soon!

The two most recent Star Trek movies may not have had any Pop! tie-ins, but Star Trek: Beyond will see a set of nine in August! The Enterprise crew of Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Chekov and Sulu will be joined by aliens Jaylah and Krall. You can pre-order all of these at Entertainment Earth now!

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10 thoughts on “Star Trek: Beyond Pops Coming Soon!

  1. I’might stoked!! Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of exclusives in this line?

    1. FYE has a reserve code for an exclusive Kirk. Also 3 Star Wars pops ( one sdcc, one nycc, and one Poe exclusive). My store has started taking reserves for them all already

      1. Hmm – I was looking for it on FYE and can’t find it. Hopefully it will be posted soon.

  2. Uhura Pop!!!!! Oh man, I definitely need her, Kirk, and Spock. Maybe Bones, too, to round out the triumvirate. I hope this movie is good.

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