Scott Pilgrim & Ferris Bueller Pops Coming Soon!

Luckily for Scott Pilgrim, he doesn’t have to deal with any of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends in Pop! form, as this Scott Pilgrim VS the World set is only made up of Scott himself, Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau. Check them out below!

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Another classic movie license is also joining the Funko family in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The set of Pops includes Ferris Bueller, Dancing Ferris and Cameron Frye.

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Both sets are set to release in July and can pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth now!

Pre-order Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Pop! Vinyls

Pre-order Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Pop! Vinyls


11 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim & Ferris Bueller Pops Coming Soon!

  1. I love Ramona and Knives, but I think Scott could have been better. That said, I’ll obviously be getting them! I just really want the evil exes and Wallace!

  2. Funko really seems to avoid releasing female characters from movies first they release a Flash Gordon set without either of the female characters and now Ferris Bueller set without Sloane. Seriously Funko get it together

    1. I’ve also noticed the occasional exclusion of females. Not always of course, but sometimes they don’t make Pops for main female characters. Just a few more observations: Firefly has no River (integral character), 3 Shrek Pops – no Fiona, Doctor Who is just now catching up on companions and River, 9 Arrested Development Pops with no women, and The Avengers didn’t release a Black Widow until wave 3 – the first of which was simply terrible.

      Love the Scott Pilgrim Pops! Must have.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know the Firefly set didn’t have River. That’s… very unfortunate. And yeah, that first Black Widow was awful. It does seem to be limited to certain lines sometimes, though. The Star Wars Force Awakens line is releasing several different versions of Rey and two new versions of Leia. I’d hoped that meant Funko would be better about making Pops of other female characters, but maybe it really depends on who’s in charge of the concepts for each line.

    2. I said the same thing when they showed the concept art. I’m still going to get Cameron and at least one of the Ferrises, but I really need to have the whole trio. Maybe if they sell well, they’ll put out Sloane and Jeanie.

      1. Of course Mr Rooney is also missing, I’m just disappointed with the 80’s movies Pops in general I guess. I really want a Dale Arden to go with my Flash set. Doesn’t make sense to buy Ferris Bueller without at least Ferris, Cameron and Sloane. And while I’m on my 80’s rant, how about Lloyd Dobbler for crying out loud. With the trenchcoat and the boombox it would make an awesome pop

  3. THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! I love how they actually included the Detroit Red Wings jersey! On alot of pops they will remove the trademark name brand like on the Talladega Nights Pops and I fucking hate it. Either get the full licence for the pop, or don’t make it at all. Can’t wait for these ♡

  4. And tbh, yeah I wouldn’t of known that was Scott just by the looks of his pop :/ coulda made him better.

  5. I wish the Scott Pilgrim pops were based on the comics, NOT the movie. Geezus, I hated the movie. On the bright side, Ferris Bueller pops! Now that’s a classic comedy

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