13 thoughts on “Hot Topic Exclusive Suicide Squad Pops

  1. Tried calling a few Hot Topics near me to maybe get someone to tell me a release date but no luck

  2. Follow your local Hot Topic on Instagram. Most stores have to use their social media to post when new Pops come in. The ones where I live will hold them by phone for a day too. Good hunting you guys

    1. I’m not a huge fan of these ones particularly, but I do plan to hunt down all the Suicide Squad Exclusives.
      The FYE Metallic Harley/Joker 2 Pack looks so cool though and I can’t wait for them to show up in the mail!

  3. GameStop confirmed that they will be getting Harley Quinn Inmate exclusive soon. (They said within next few days and should be by June 6th!)

    Enchantress should be an exclusive to Legion of collectors coming in July!

    Need more info on suit joker and boxer joker if anyone knows anything about those, I’ve called around and can’t get any info on those.

    Got my hands on the exclusive from HT 🙂

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