Glow in the Dark Cheshire & Flocked Max (BAM Exclusives)

Recently Funko previewed the Books-a-Million exclusive glow-in-the-dark Cheshire Cat Pop! during a Periscope stream. It is now available to pre-order on their website for $12.99! There doesn’t seem to be an estimated release date but you may want to get your order in so you don’t miss out! 


Books-A-Million’s exclusive flocked Max Pop! from The Secret Life of Pets is also now in stock to order for the same price!



10 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Cheshire & Flocked Max (BAM Exclusives)

  1. Says they are unavailable. Guess they already pre-ordered out. Maybe the local store will get a few in. It’s getting nearly impossible to get ahold of exclusives unless its hot topic exclusives these days.

    1. You said it Vegas, it’s a Scalpers Market nowadays. Most stores don’t limit pre-orders so the most desirable Pops are always over priced on eBay.

  2. Wow…I didn’t realize they would sell out so quickly. Luckily I placed my order around lunch and Max is already being shipped (guess the Cat will be sent out later). Hopefully they will allow more to preorder later like Amazon did with their exclusive Captain America. Hope y’all Will be able to order them online or find them in stores soon ?

  3. I just ordered both on 5/27 and they shipped on the same day! Looks like the are available now!!

    1. The Cheshire Cat was shipped too? I preordered both but only Max has shipped ?

  4. Max looks so CUTE! But I want to see the movie first. Then I probably will never find him?

  5. I got my GITD Cheshire like 5 minutes after it hit the web. Curious why the dog is already up to add to your collection on PPG, but not Cheshire?

  6. Hey there everyone! !!! I just placed my order for both Pops. …..just now! They must of got a new shipment in because I tried the first day like everyone else and saw that horrible phrase “sold out”….. i was so surprised because it was like maybe 1 hour after the post ….but anyways go get um before it’s gone again. …..

  7. Been getting sold out from the start…finally yesterday it let me order max, today the cat showed up and I ordered that…says pre, ships 6/3…hope they both show…no BAM in So CA, so no chance of finding one out here! Haha!

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