Funko MyMoji Digital Trading App by Quidd

Now you can Collect and Trade Official Funko MyMoji’s online with the Quidd App available for iPhone. Open and keep FREE Digital Funko MyMoji Sticker Pouches that you can use with a Quidd Emoji Keyboard wherever you use Emoji’s. You can also collect codes for special stickers in every MyMoji Blind Bag pouch when you purchase a figure. After you Sign Up you choose a Favorite Collection. There are 5 Channels at the moment. DC Comics,Five Nights at Freddy’s,Ghostbusters,Minions and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

MyMojiChannelsFor each type they are divided by moods such as Angry,Sly,Super Happy,Meh,Huh ect. They did a good job with the pouch opening graphic and sound,you almost feel like you opened a package.  If you can’t find a sticker you can Trade someone or buy the sticker with your Coins eventually. I was able to complete a few sets and collected almost ALL the images in the “Favorites” category I chose at the beginning. I went with the DC Comics Channel. The Super Saturday Pouch they offered today disappeared quickly. There were only 1400 available and were Limited to 8 pouches per user.

MyMojiISLayBorder                              SuperSaturdayPouchYou can Claim Coins for Free from your Profile screen every 3 hours,watch commercials or Buy Coins with real money to Collect the stickers that you can’t find elsewhere. You start out with 5,000 Gold Coins. There doesn’t seem to be a feature open yet that allows you to use the Coins at this point. These pouches go quickly! The Hip Hop Friday pouch from Five Nights at Freddy’s was ONLY available for a HALF hour so Following @quidd on Twitter is a good way to get notifications of random pouch availability. I was able to open a couple of the 5NAF Friday the 13th pouches that were Limited to 3000 and 2 per user. MyMojiRareMyMojiCollection

Adding the Keyboard takes a few quick steps. I’m not sure I’ll use many if any of these Emoji’s in conversation but they might be fun to Collect and Trade. I have noticed a lot of people complaining that the keyboard crashes so I don’t know how reliable it is. This App is brand new so they are still working out the glitches. Quidd  announced they are working on an Android App for those of you that don’t use an iOS. MyMojiQuiddKeyboardInstructI know this type of App isn’t for everyone but I’m sure there are some Funko collectors that will have fun collecting Digital MyMoji’s. If you see a Limited pouch announcement or you learn any useful Tips feel free to share them here in the comments. Good Luck finding the stickers you need to Complete your Sets!



5 thoughts on “Funko MyMoji Digital Trading App by Quidd

  1. I added the keyboard but I was too leery of the warning to give it full access. There was a disclaimer cautioning the developer would have access to all previous keyboard use including personal information?! I think I’ll just stick to collecting the stickers instead of actually using them just in case.

    1. On top of that the Warning about having FULL access to each & every word you have ever written with your iPhone keyboard is unbelievably invasive. Account information ect. can all be collected by activating the keyboard so people should not allow it access to their device by enabling the keyboard.

  2. I don’t think Funko has been involved with anything cringier than this.

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