Funko Announces Exclusive ‘Specialty Series’

Funko have just announced a new line of exclusive Pops and Dorbz known as the ‘Specialty Series’. Each month one new exclusive Pop! Vinyl and Dorbz will be announced which you will only be able to find at certain ‘specialty stores’. Funko weren’t too specific on what actually qualifies a store as ‘specialty’ but we assume it will include independent stores that stock many Funko items and have done for a while. The first two ‘Specialty Series’ items are the Howard the Duck Dorbz and Cosmo Pop! Vinyl from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

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You can check out Funko’s full blog post here. If we find any more details on which stores qualify, we will update this post.

13 thoughts on “Funko Announces Exclusive ‘Specialty Series’

  1. Funko website says they’re “available now” on the bottom of the article. Toywars has their preorder for June 2016 and Geminicollectibles has their expected release date at Oct 1, 2016.

  2. Awesome I’m all over the Cosmo pop. But I’m also with Funkopopsta, I hope this doesn’t get out of hand with the flippers.

  3. I hope collectors can get what they want. This seems like a flippers paradise.

  4. Tried to pre order Cosmo with Toy Wars but unavailable. Oh well this kind of stuff is hard to get from Australia. Hope I get a chance to grab it elsewhere.

  5. Thanks faithslayerb. Just got me one Cosmo from popcultcha. Limit of 3 so no doubt the flippers will be having a field day.

  6. I only found Cosmo available on one site, and with shipping it was waay too expensive. Hopefully I can get the local comic book store to order him lol

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