(UPDATED) Flocked and SCENTED Swamp Thing Pop!

UPDATE: There was a typo on Preview’s website and this flocked and scented Swamp Thing will be available at SDCC, not DCC. Sorry for any confusion! So to recap: this will be available at San Diego Comic Con, not Dallas Comic Con. (Confirmed by Funko)

Original post as follows:

So things took a turn for the weird today as it seems there will be a Previews exclusive flocked and scented Swamp Thing Pop! available at Dallas Comic Con this year! Below is a screenshot from Previews’ website with the item description.



It reads:


A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Swamp Thing, DC Comics’ swamp monster, joins Funko’s POP! Vinyl Figure line with a special figure that’s available only throughPREVIEWS! Standing 3 3/4″ tall, Swamp Thing has an urban, stylized design, a special flocked texture that will make you think he just rose from the muck – and a distinctive scent, to boot! Summon Swamp Thing with this figure! Window box packaging. (DEC158593) Limited to 8,000 pieces.

Who knows if this is the start of something we will see with other Pops down the line and who knows what it will actually smell like! (Hopefully not a swamp!) I’m sure we will find out soon enough, though.

21 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Flocked and SCENTED Swamp Thing Pop!

  1. If this catches on then we need a strawberry scented flocked Lotso Disney Pop!

  2. Scented? Who thought that was a good idea? If I wanted scented pops I’d buy second hand from a smoker.

  3. Dallas CC? The posting on the Previews site missing a ‘S’ in front of the ‘DCC’, because this will be available at San Diego CC. Unless you are playing to open the box up, does one care if it smells? Maybe that will be the next Mystery feature, where you have to guess what the smell is and some smells will be 1 in 8 boxes of the production run. Just to make it cheat proof, a layer of coffee grounds will be placed between the outer box and the plastic wrap protecting the inner box from the smell of the grounds.

  4. Yes there was a typo in the original announcement so this Exclusive will be available at the San Diego Comic Con instead of the Dallas Comic Con.

  5. Hm, Same Sticker and Look From Normal Flocked One… Oh This Will Go SO Well On E-bay!

  6. The scent seems really unnecessary, but I admit I’m curious. Wouldn’t this feature be lost on in-box collectors?

  7. If they rise in value and the Pop and box are EXACTLY the same as the non-scented ones, then what’s gonna stop idiots adding their own similar scent onto it to con collectors and cash in???

    It’s not like the buyer can have a look on ebay for other scented ones to see if the scent looks the same as the one they bought to confirm it’s genuine. Plus a scent will just vanish from any material very, very quickly anyway even if you do get one of these.

  8. This will be a curiosity that sells only to begin with, after that collectors will only stay away from them…

  9. I know this would never happen in a million years, but a Straight Outta Compton series (or even Snoop Dogg) with an obvious distinctive smell (think skunk lol) would be so cool!
    I know that’s a road Funko would never dare go down, but they sure would be popular amongst lots of groups of people, even outside of collectors.

  10. Isn’t that just a stock pic tho? Won’t it most likely have an SDCC Exclusive sticker instead of PX one?

    1. Most likely. Or a ‘scented’ sticker similar to the ‘glow in the dark’ ones

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