Collection Tracker Issues

We are in the process of updating the backend of the site, which is causing the collection tracker to not behave.  Once the updates are complete, everything should be back to relative normal.


18 thoughts on “Collection Tracker Issues

  1. 2 days is a long time with no update when people use your site regularly for their collection lists.

  2. Man. This is a tough crowd. The site is great. Technical issues happen and they say they are being dealt with. A little patience goes a long way.

  3. I agree with the others that have been having issues. Hopefully this is resolved soon. I’m ready for this to be made into an App that I can install on my phone 🙂

  4. Folks – be patient. This is a site run purely by volunteers. We have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, and the site as we know things. If the status changes, we will let you know. Technology is what it is. Updates that are supposed to take an hour take much more than that.

    As much as the PPG Team love the site, we also have careers and families, and this is falling over a weekend. We were hoping this would be a painless transition but it is not.

    1. Thanks for the update…..this site is great…i visit it daily, but ya things happen show some patience people, they are working on it.

  5. Chill out. It will be fixed. You will live without being able to immediately add a POP for a minute. Its a free very nice site. Give them a break and some credit. They do a good job for sure.

  6. Oh and find another site where you can list your collection if its killing you so bad. Oh wait, there isnt one. Appreciate anything this site does. Dont hate.

  7. I hope every person complaining about tech issue is also sending cash too help resolve said issues quicker. What else would you like from a FREE too everybody site? Either help fix the issues or stay quiet and show respect. #UngratefulMillennials

  8. I’m thankful for this site, keep up the good work guys. Your awesome, this site is awesome. Good to see your priorities are straight. It’ll work out. Again, thanks for the site.

  9. Christ People, calm your tits. It’ll be sorted when it’s sorted.
    Y’all mofos are thirsty

  10. Thank you. I was starting to think it might have been a problem with my account.

    Also for the people stressing out just make a memo on your phone or on a Word Documment that’s what I do as a back up.

  11. I need people to know I just bought a couple Pocket POPs. If they don’t my social status will be ruined and I will be forced to live as a lonely recluse who collects toys.

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