Batman ImPOPsters and More!

Yes, you read that right, “ImPOPsters”. Bad pun aside, these upcoming Batman Imposter Pops look fantastic! Gotham’s villains are on the loose and are imitating The Dark Knight and Batgirl! Check them out below.

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You can pre-order these now at Entertainment Earth! It is worth noting that the release dates of these Pops will be spread out, with The Riddler and Poison Ivy expected in July and the rest following a few per month.

That’s not all that was announced today! You’ll soon be able to get your hands on DC Comics Pop! Pens as well as a Superman Pocket Pop! Keychain.

jpeg (90) jpeg (89)


If you’re more of a Marvel fan, there’s no need to feel left out! Scarlet Witch will be available as a Pocket Pop! Keychain in July and the Daredevil Fabrikation will be coming in September.

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14 thoughts on “Batman ImPOPsters and More!

    1. More pointless Batman pops and we haven’t had a comic style Poison Ivy or Scarecrow. At least make repaints or new sculpts of the Riddler, Two-Face and Penguin so fans who may have missed them can get them without spending hundreds of dollars

  1. If anybody asks about the joker, he came out a while back as a LootCrae exclusive; although not nicknamed an ImPOPster

  2. This will go very nice with my loot crate exclusive joker-batman batman

  3. Not that these look bad, but I would have preferred to have gotten a comic book Ivy and Scarecrow first (along with a comic Croc and Bane). Not to mention they could have repainted the original Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and re-released.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh they look amazing. I didn’t want anymore batmans but Ohhhhh I love all of these and that’s from a Marvel fan 🙂 these are the first DC pops I’m actually excited for other than when Rainbow batmans came out

  5. just preordered them all at EE so excited!! cant wait for these along with suicide squad!!!!!

  6. These look pretty sweet. That Poison Ivy should be renamed “Drag Ivyman” =P

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