Toys R Us Exclusive Raven Pops up for Pre-order!

UPDATE: Both Pops are now pre-sold out.

Original post as follows:

As if out of nowhere, Toys R Us have listed two variants of the Teen Titans Go! Raven Pop! for pre-order! The red and orange variants are due out in June and are priced at $9.99 each. Will you be adding these to your collection? What other exclusives would you like to see at Toys R Us? Let us know in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Toys R Us Exclusive Raven Pops up for Pre-order!

  1. That’s fuckn crazy I really hope they ship fuckn extras to my toys r us… I’m going to be pissed… They should fuckn give people limits to how many they can fuckn buy like how does!!! These fuckn whole sale pieces of shhhhitz buy them all out to make a profit off actual collectors… Sone times this hobby can be very frustrating! Aggravates the hell out of me!!!!!!!!

    WISH ME LUCK!!!!

    1. Yeah it sold out fast. They had a limit of 5 each, which to me is still too high. Should limit 2 each imo. I was able to pre-order 1 of each..just in time it seems. Not too long after people were posting that they were sold out. I would keep checking, they may end up making more available. I’m sure somewhere around mid June they will start to showup at TRU stores.

    2. I feel the pain, I really hope stores will get them in I still need at least one raven. I cant even find me a regular version ugh and the two toys r us stores near me blow so doubt I’ll even find these unless I wanna pay a ridiculous price on them.

  2. funko-shop doesn’t keep people from buying multiples…they just keep people from adding more than 1 item in a cart at a time. That’s pretty much why the Snoopy set sold out on Wednesday in a matter of minutes, but yea…someone clearly bought up as many of the pre-orders as possible. You’ll probably be seeing a ton of them appearing on ebay. multiples from one seller or such.

  3. aww man they’re already sold out?! I wanted the orange one but I guess I’ll be driving 45 minutes to get to a Toys R Us and then most likely they won’t have it anyways. This is being ruined by anybody trying to make a quick buck. I get it with the NYCC ones and such but this is getting ridiculous. They literally just become valuable because to many scalpers get to ’em first

  4. zeti, I’d imagine you’ll just have to wait and find them in Toys R Us stores when they arrive.

    1. Yeah mission impossible… Lol I hope so thow I got everyone of the teen titans so I gotta find these two

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