New PPG Feature: Alternate Collection Tracker Views

A new feature has been implemented into the Collection Tracker to allow flexibility in how you view your collection. We’ve expanded from the single view with mini thumbnails and added a list view as well as an image grid view.

The views can be updated one of two ways. In the tracker lists, you’ll see four new icons at the top of the list allowing you to change on the fly. You can also set your personal preference at the account level on the Settings tab of the Tracker. You’ll see a fourth icon on the Tracker pages, allowing you to open a print/copy-friendly version of that list.

Hope you enjoy the updates.

7 thoughts on “New PPG Feature: Alternate Collection Tracker Views

  1. This is an excellent addition to the site. The only thing I miss with these views is being able to see whether the value of an item has went up or down. Otherwise, very nice addition.

  2. Looks like in the printable view, the box condition defaults down one. So all of mine are showing “Loose/No Box” and if I change this it seems to list one down from what is chose in the drop box.

  3. Is there a way to store the quantity of the same item? If I have two of a Pop, I’d like to be able to keep one in my collection and offer another one for sales/trade.

  4. Love the new views :). Is there anyway you could add the option of diffident sorting? Specifically, by alphabetical or by value. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  5. Appreciate that! It would be nice if we have a mobile apps that we can check the price just like this website.

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