New Hot Topic Exclusives Coming This Month

Hot Topic uploaded a video to their social media channels yesterday detailing some upcoming exclusives for April! You can look forward to a flocked Bambi Pop!, four Pocket Pop! Keychains and some Mystery Minis! Check them out below!

Flocked Bambi Pop! Vinyl


Batman (Black) Pocket Pop! Keychain


Joker (Glow in the Dark) Pocket Pop! Keychain


Tardis (Materialising) Pocket Pop! Keychain


Vault Boy (Glow in the Dark) Pocket Pop! Keychain


Mystery Minis

Alice Through the Looking Glass

– Alice (Blue Outfit)

– Mad Hatter (Brown Hat)

– Chessur (Two Tail Coils)

The Walking Dead (Series 4)

– Daryl Dixon (Bloody)

– Rick Grimes (T-shirt)

– Flame Walker (Glow in the Dark)




10 thoughts on “New Hot Topic Exclusives Coming This Month

  1. Awwww damn HT is getting Alice mystery mini exclusives, hope I can get at least one full unopened case

  2. I would be happy to find any cases that I was looking for instead of the stuff that isn’t moving.

      1. when did it come out? I’ve been calling my hot topics around where i live and both of them can’t even tell me when they even think they’re coming out. They don’t even know what i’m talking about when i ask them about the bambi or the garnet… On hot they have the garnet you can buy online. but its not the GITD garnet.

  3. Unfortunately nobody gets anything good around here. All three girls that work there are “collectors” and nobody ever finds anything decent. They treat the boxes nicely at least though

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