(UPDATED) FYE Metallic Joker & Harley Quinn 2-pack Coming Soon!

UPDATE: The 2-pack is now available for pre-order for $24.99 ($22.49 for members) with a release date of June 10th.

Original post as follows:

A listing has appeared on F.Y.E’s website for an exclusive metallic Joker & Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad Pop! 2-pack. While there is currently no release date and the placeholder price is set to $999.99, more details should be available soon! It is also worth noting that this mold of The Joker is differnet from that which was shown at Toy Fair earlier this year. Check it out below!


28 thoughts on “(UPDATED) FYE Metallic Joker & Harley Quinn 2-pack Coming Soon!

  1. I am a store manager for FYE. A email was sent out this morning saying that there are over a thousand reserves in one day. Cut off will be soon. Make sure you get yours in because like the civil war 2 pack we had to eventually cut off reserves but all prior reserves to the cut off were fulfilled. The price is 24.99 and is set to arrive in stores mid-June.

  2. Also there is no limitation on pre orders per person so the jerks reserving 25 at a time have already started to come into the store

  3. FYE Don’t offer international delivery, does anyone know if a supplier in uk will have these as exclusives

  4. personally.. i dislike the high detailed pops such as these. The joker is just butt ugly in my opinion. Where’s the Funk style of the character like the original or even to a lesser extent the Ledger joker?

  5. I like them, already pre ordered mine and if you don’t like them don’t buy them…you do have the choice. …… think they did a good job on them

  6. At least there is a glamshot..unlike the 4 pack for Civil War coming out from gamestop..that’s a preorder gamble but at least if u hate it u can return it or not buy it and get your reserved $ back. 🙂

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