Funko Introduces Pop! Kitchen!

Are your Captain America and Iron Man salt and pepper shakers lonely? Need some more Pop in your cabinets to complement your Pop Mugs? Well fret not, my friends, as we are here to introduce Pop! Kitchen! This new Funko line includes some of your favorite Pop characters…in kitchen utensil form! Measuring the flour for your homemade cookies will never be the same with the Boba Fett and Deadpool Pop! Measuring Cups. Let Baymax or BMO from the Pop! Spatula line aid you in flipping the burgers on your grill, or make a fresh Krabby Patty with the Spongebob Pop! Spatula! And what better way to add the chef’s touch to your Thanksgiving turkey than with Batman, Olaf and Groot from the Pop! Turkey Basters line!

Look for these soon at stores near you, and be sure to look out for the Bed Bath & Beyond exclusive glow in the dark variants!


11 thoughts on “Funko Introduces Pop! Kitchen!

  1. I don’t know if the real joke is this announcement or the fact that I would actually buy a couple of these things, like the measuring cups, lol

  2. Funko’s gotta get on those spatulas though. It would be the first time I ever got excited for a spatula aside from that awesome UHF commercial.

  3. I fell for it too. I had been at work all night and looked right before i went to bed this morn. I was like ” what in the world is next, pop bathroom ie pop tp & pop toilet seats, for when you gotta pop a poo =P i would get a spongebob spatula though, just so i coild pretend im cooking crabbie patties lol.

  4. If it weren’t for the turkey basters, I would have thought it was real lol. The measuring cups and spatulas are actually cute though. XD

  5. LOL…I have to say that my heart sank when I realized this was a joke. BB&B variants…classic! I WANT THOSE DEADPOOL MEASURING CUPS!!!

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