First Look at Flash Gordon Pop! Glams

Listings of four Flash Gordan Pops surfaced on yesterday. While they may be listed by a third-party seller, this is the first time we are seeing the glam shots. The set seems to include: Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless, Prince Vultan and General Klytus. The expected date is shown as July, so it is very likely you will see these at most retailers very soon! Check them out below!


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6 thoughts on “First Look at Flash Gordon Pop! Glams

  1. Well expect some Exclusive Metallic 4-Pack to appear for Pre-Order on the Moon and already be sold out and on eBay for 10 times the price ?

    Seriously though, these are pretty sweet!

  2. Moon Exclusive 4 Pack, limited to 8 pieces.

    Astronauts are going to make a fortune off those…..

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