Dug from Up Glamshot!

Ikon Collectibles (an Australian toy distributor) has listed Dug from Up on their site and it includes the first look at the glam for the cute canine! You can expect to see him pop up for preorder Stateside soon!

Dug joins Carl and Russel as the third character from Up to get the Pop! treatment. Who would you like to see next?


2 thoughts on “Dug from Up Glamshot!

    1. Lol I can definitely shmell it too…

      I’d like to see the bird being in the up series. I can already see those 3 villian dogs being pops too as well as his wife and the pilot who lived in the cave… But I think the bird would be the coolest one out the ups series..unless they did like a pops ride thing with this series. Like Carl and the house floating with the balloons or the blimp at the end of the movie….

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