Wolfpac Sting Pop! & X-Force Deadpool Super Deluxe Vinyl

Popcultcha have added a couple of new items to their websites recently, one of which is an nWo Wolfpac Pop! variant of Sting which believed to be an upcoming GameStop exclusive!


An X-Force Deadpool Super Deluxe Vinyl figure is also listed, this is the first variant from this line so far and is expected to be a BAIT exclusive. (To be confirmed)


10 thoughts on “Wolfpac Sting Pop! & X-Force Deadpool Super Deluxe Vinyl

  1. Speaking of X-Force, can we get a Cable Pop? Or an 80s’ Sting would be amazing, bleach blonde, neon face paint!

    1. a pop of Sting in his younger days of WCW would be nice… The wrestling pop Im waiting to see get made is Scott Hall whether its Scott from his NWO days or his days as Razor Ramon Id like to see either one… Or heck since they are doing Sting just go ahead and do the whole Wolfpack

      1. Yeah you’re right Razor or Scott Hall would be nice, I’m actually hoping for an Iron Sheik or Sgt Slaughter, OMG RICKY STEAMBOAT would be sick! Don’t hate me, but I’ve considered having a custom Chris Benoit made ?

        1. All the people you named would be cool for pops… As for Benoit well in the ring he was an amazing performer… I really liked watching Benoit when he was in WCW especially when he went against guys like Dean Malenko because the two of them could put on a good match. Now of course I wasnt a fan of what he did at the end of his life but I definitely liked him as a pro wrestler

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