PPG review of Valkyrie Statues’ Spiderman

My Spider-sense is tingling for this one. Welcome back to another review of custom pop pieces by yours truly. Today, I’m going to look at one of my favorite Marvel character Spiderman. This custom Pop! statue is wonderfully made by Valkyrie Statues. I managed to chance upon this piece through a local selling app and was very interested in getting one since it was so irresistible.

Although Valkyrie Statues made 2 different pieces based on Spiderman (the other piece will be shown at the end of the review), I was only interested in getting the one that was based off the original Sideshow comiquette. This was my first time purchasing from the new entrant to the custom Pop! scene and I was glad that I took a step of faith to purchase this.

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The piece that I received was altered from the actual production piece because I was using this piece for review. I was glad that they were able to accommodate my request (after much begging~!!!) as I’m usually quite picky on what I choose to purchase for my custom Pops!


As you can look at the photos, the walls have been painted to look dirtier than the usual. I chose this because it resembled the paint job that was closer to the original statue. If you can look closer, you will notice the white parts were also painted to look more stained.

IMG_5234 IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5227 IMG_5226

I managed to have a chat with Valkyrie Statues and asked them what they felt was the most difficult part of making this piece. They replied that the most difficult part was reposing Spiderman in a non-conventional way, which included bending backwards with an oversized Funko Pop! head.


One thing that came to a surprise to me was the amount of details at the back of the statue. What was not pictured in their production shots but was good for the piece was that they also managed to replicate the same parts of the original statue, which was the walls and the rusted steel plank at the back. Valkyrie Statues mentioned that this was a dilemma during their creation process. Considering that this was a small figure, they did not know if more details would spoil the outlook of the statue, or would the minimalist feel be more beneficial to the collectors. They decided to run with their instincts and chose to follow closely to the original statue and I’m sure it paid off because I’m sure those who purchased it will surely appreciate this aspect of the piece.

Here’s a bonus for you process junkies who wants to take a look at their creative process. Here you’ll see how Valkyrie Statues reposed a diy pop to bend backwards then moulded the posture with epoxy clay


One of the many workmanship things that many of us look out for a custom pop piece is the cleanliness and smoothness of the paint. I was really blown away by the way the piece was painted. In most of the custom pops I’ve ever had the chance to take a look, you can usually feel certain roughness or areas that have uneven bumps that might make some of us go crazy. However, the paintwork on this piece was so well done that I couldn’t find a single part that I was unhappy about (trust me, I have a very high standard for paintwork).

One of the things that I wish happened that could make the piece better was to make the eyes closer to the Miles Morales or the Iron Spiderman pop. I understand that they wanted to make the eyes as close to the original Spiderman Pop but I was just thinking how awesome it would be to have the eyes widened to stay closer to the look and feel of how the comics portrayed the iconic web slinger’s eyes.

Thanks for staying with me till the end and to conclude, I’ll show some pictures of the alternate piece that Valkyrie Statues did. You can see their social media links below and I can’t wait for their upcoming Marvel piece (Hint: It’s really hot)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ValkyrieStatues/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valkyriestatues/


Keeping it Custom, Yours Truly



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  1. Such amazing custom work! I found the lamp post Spidey a week or so ago in pics and was really impressed by the work involved but this is awesome!! Their attention to detail is commendable with every piece I’ve seen them create. The wall even has the wall outlet like the original Sideshow Collectibles statue. The newspaper on the lamp post Spidey is a nice touch too. Congrats on being able to add this to your collection and thanks for sharing the process. Awesome article!

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