Pop! ‘The Vote’ & Garbage Pail Kids Coming Soon

Funko have announced some presidential candidate Pops and Garbage Pail Kids that are due to be released in June. The Pops, which will be part of the new line ‘Pop! The Vote’ will consist of Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. The latter two will also be available as Garbage Pail Kids Vinyl figures.


24 thoughts on “Pop! ‘The Vote’ & Garbage Pail Kids Coming Soon

  1. If this is for real, I’m getting a Bernie pop for my wife and a Hillary pop for myself.

  2. I’m gonna get one Bernie POP and split it equally among my less fortunate friends.

  3. i am getting a donald trump for sure since he has been the butt of every political joke in my house hold so far

  4. I want all three Pops, but I don’t even like any of the people. Ridiculous.

    Also appreciation for the 6-inch wall comment ^

  5. I’m totally getting these, and also pop should make a line of like historical figures like presidents, artist, actors, leaders , stuff like that it would be cool to have a FDR pop or a geroge Washington pop or others like that

    1. Thought the same thing when i saw these lol then i thought of hot topic variations of Lincoln and Kennedy. But still would be awesome!!!

  6. Pre-Ordered All. Trump is the man. Make Funko Great Again (well that just happened with the Trump Pop). Trump it Bae Bae !!!

    1. We get Trump pop and we will get to have a pop of the next Pres! How cool is that ?!

  7. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Bernie Pop! I’ve been patiently waiting to see if anyone does a custom of him and now I’m so excited to see Funko made one! #feelthebern

    1. I was actually planning on making a Bernie Custom POP! SO excited the people at FUNKO decided to make him for me! #feelthebern

  8. I really hope FUNKO considers creating a line of famous scientist. How awesome would it be to have Einstein, Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking and NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON figures!

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