Please read if you’re getting error messages in the Guide

Just over a month ago, we implemented a new look and some new functionality to PPG. Unfortunately, there were some growing pains as we rolled it out, and some people got stuck seeing error pages for a while after. This is due to having a pretty good file caching system in place in an attempt to speed up your browsing experience. Our issues have been worked out (well, at least the ones causing the error pages), but even after clearing out the site-level cache, some users were having problems.

If you are still having issues with the Guide, Tracker, or Marketplace showing a white page, blank with nothing but SQL errors on it, please clear the cache in your browser. This will clear the history on your browser to ensure that older, cached versions of our pages are not showing up when you try to access the site. If you’re unsure how to clear your cache, here is a link that covers all major browsers.

3 thoughts on “Please read if you’re getting error messages in the Guide

    1. I’d really like to see a search box for members usernames as well! Or, allowing users to click on profile names within the message box so we can easily see what the other person has in their collection or wish list. This would really simplify trades!

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