Hot Topic ‘Mystery’ Deadpool Pops Coming Soon! (UPDATED)

Update: Here are some official glams of the Pops

Mystery-Deadpool~2 9354_Terror_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713 9351_SOLO_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713 9352_FoolKiller_Deadpool_GLAM-1024x713

Original post as follows:

Hot Topic held a Periscope stream last night detailing an upcoming set of three ‘mystery’ Deadpool Pops. They will be available in stores on Thursday March 10th and online at around 9.30p.m (PST) on Wednesday March 9th. The set includes three colour variants of the original Deadpool Pop! representing characters from the current run of Deadpool comics; Green (Solo), Blue (Foolkiller) and Purple (Terror). There is a one in 8 chance of finding the purple Terror Pop!, so he will be slightly harder to find.

If you aren’t familiar with the mystery Pops from Black Friday, basically each Pop! box is inside another outer box so you are unable to see which character you’re getting.

Will you be grabbing any of these from your local Hot Topic next Thursday? Let us know in the comments!

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36 thoughts on “Hot Topic ‘Mystery’ Deadpool Pops Coming Soon! (UPDATED)

  1. I am definitely going to try and snag a few for my collection 🙂 In hopes, I can’t to pick up a purple!! Happy Hunting!

      1. How do you know these are being released March 10th? where did you get this information?

        1. 1) HTNerdette’s hands are in completely different positions in the blue Picture
          2) there is box visible just above the Green ones head in my picture, missing in yours
          3) yes we grabbed the purple at very similar times, that is interesting.

          Please do not accuse us of unfair practices and of lying when we say that one of us took our own screen shots. I assure you that I captured each of the screenshots that we used.

          1. Whoa, I wasn’t trying to be accusatory. I was just pointing out that it was interesting after you said they were your pictures. I love everything you guys do!!

  2. Ugh. Of course they are new numbers… Now I have to get at least 2 and hope for the Chase.

  3. Am I the only one who is upset about Funko using the old mold for Deadpool instead of one of the newer ones?

    1. I also wish they used the new molds for these…I have all the #20 molds and variants….thought that mold was long forgotten….what ever I guess I’ll have all 3 colores for sure….I got friends in high places lol

  4. I wish they would have done more to make them stand apart from each other than just giving it a change of color

      1. Yea they could have at least done different weapons… Or heck do different poses or something…. At the very least do something to make the rarer one stand out a little more…. I know a lot of people are excited about this but Im just not one of those people…. I will not be going out on Thursday looking for these and if they are still around whenever I do end up going to a Hot Topic well at most I might grab one box and thats only if there is not some cooler exclusive on the shelves like the Civil War Falcon or one of the Harry Potter exclusives from wave 2 or any other exclusive that I really like

  5. Is there a video to this? as in an unboxing? if so please reply with a link, thanks.

    1. It was streamed on Periscope so I don’t think the video is available anymore. Funko held an unboxing video yesterday though and they usually upload them to YouTube after

  6. I’m most definitely going to hot topic this thursday and trying to find the purple deadpool!! love deadpool he’s great!!

  7. AND this will be my introduction into the Pop world! my very first Pop character (besides the little tmnt keychain i bought before lol). Always wanted to start collecting these and what better way to start my collection than the one and only deadpool?

    1. i dunno about “one and only” there are over 30 deadpool Pops! and more than 50 other funko Deadpool products

  8. Ok so everyone knew harley quinn was the chase last time.what color is the chasecond this time if any

  9. These pops are not Deadpool himself, but of members of the Mercs for Money, Solo had his own series before becoming a member of Six Pack and then a member of the Mercs for Money, look up the team on the marvel wikia, I wish that they had made one of Slapstick or Madcap though.

  10. I got two Follkillers and two Solos, A guy with me got two Foolkillers and two Solos and a different guy got one Solo. Limit was 10.

  11. Purchased 3 and managed to get 1 of each color! I’m going to push my luck and buy a lottery ticket now…

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