Funko’s ECCC Exclusives Revealed

Funko have announced their upcoming exclusives that will be available at Emerald City Comic Con next month! Let’s get right to it!

First up, the Pops!

12th Man Freddy Funko (250 pieces)


Snoopy & Woodstock (Flocked)


Green Goblin (Glow in the Dark) (300 pieces)


Murloc (Glow in the Dark) (300 pieces)


Green BMO (Glow in the Dark) (250 pieces)


Green Lich (Glow in the Dark) (250 pieces)


Nerd Cthulhu (300 pieces)


Mint Snoopy Mini 4-pack (Flocked) (500 pieces)


Now for the Dorbz!

Freddy ECCC Dorbz (250 pieces)


Retro Bullseye Batman (300 pieces)


ECCC Crusader & Crusaderette (250 pieces)


1966 Chrome Plated Batmobile Dorbz Ridez (250 pieces)


Can’t forget about those Hikaris!

Green Stormtrooper (100 pieces)


Mean Green Hulk (100 pieces)


Toxic Green Metaluna Mutant (100 pieces)


Green Grunge Groot (100 pieces)


Deep Sea Godzilla (100 pieces)



Last but not least, there will also be a green Vault Boy Vinyl figure.








19 thoughts on “Funko’s ECCC Exclusives Revealed

  1. I’m glad there are no Doctor who Pops this time around. They’re my only most haves in collecting, and considering the low counts for these, I’d be lucky to get one at a reasonable mark up.

    That said, if I could get a Nerd Cthulhu or a glowing Green Goblin or Lich at a reasonable price, I’d definitely snag them.

  2. Will these come into Hot Topic at all ? similar to how New York con and Comikaze pops did last year? I got super hero Stan lee and us agent at hot topic, same as patina chthulu and jack and vampire teddy. Curious if these will show up in. Hot topic.

    1. The only ones that come to Hot topic after the Comic-Cons are the ones that are numbered so you will probably be able to snag a flocked snoopy…

      1. The only ones that come to Hot topic after the Comic-Cons are the ones that aren’t numbered so you will probably be able to snag a flocked snoopy…

  3. It would have to be the 3 Hikari I collect all of! Groot, Mutant, & Godzilla! AAAHHH FUNKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If anyone is going dm me. I wanna get that green goblin and will pay. Please message me.

  5. It’s only limited to one per person so it will be a sough after pops. Considering how much all the ECCC past pops cost this will go up in value.

  6. Anyone going that can pick me up the murloc? Willing to pay.. DM me and we can work something out

  7. Anyone going who would be willing to help me out as i will be going to SDCC and could return the favor. Please message me. I already have our badges guaranteed and paid for for SDCC and only want 3 items from ECCC.

  8. I NEED the Nerd Cuthulu, almost as much as the 12th man Freddy. If anyone who happens to make it out to this lovely event could get hands on an extra nerdy cuthulu or 12th man to ship out to New Jersey it would be HUGELY appreciated! 🙂

  9. I’m going as a con volunteer, but my shifts are all early morning. 🙁 I expect the booth will be sold out before I can make it in and actually get anything. Which sucks because I really want that Murloc and that Goblin.

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