Captain America: Civil War Pop! 5-Pack (Disney Store Europe Exclusive) In Stock

Images of a Disney Store exclusive 5-pack of Pops containing Captain America, Iron Man, Agent 13, Black Panther and Crossbones have surfaced online over the last few days. During a recent Periscope livestream held by Funko, it was confirmed to be a European exclusive that will only be available via the Disney Store, it also has an edition size of 5000. Those of you in the UK and some other European countries can currently order it online, here for £50 plus shipping.

Update: those living in other European countries may want to check their local Disney Store site, too!



9 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Pop! 5-Pack (Disney Store Europe Exclusive) In Stock

    1. They look the same to individual issues, but is the first 5 pack release from Funko , and look amazing to display for inbox collectors

    2. No, other than the Iron Man seemingly being the US Hot Topic exclusive. And the fact that eventually people here will pay out the butt just to have something that’s not common in the US.

  1. Talking about Disney Store, the French online Disney Store also sells the 6″ Giant Man Pop !

  2. Got mine ordered, there’s one coming to the U.S., it’s good to know people over there.

  3. I was fortunate to find one on a uk website. It was a bit overpriced, not bad though. I never get to buy the multiple pop packs usually because folks price gouge them enormously, so I’m very excited!

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