Walgreens Exclusive Arkham Series Mystery Minis

So it seems it’s not just GameStop that will be selling exclusive Arkham Mystery Minis; Walgreens will have three of their own. Replacing Red Hood, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn are two Detective Mode Batman variants and Killer Croc. That’s right, you have a 5/12 chance of getting a Batman from the Walgreens display boxes. These should be showing up in stores now.


(Photo from Reddit)

2 thoughts on “Walgreens Exclusive Arkham Series Mystery Minis

  1. Cool we get a Killer croc, but it’s going to suck hunting down all these “exclusives” I wonder if Hot Topic will have their own? Maybe Bane, Penguin, Two-Face, or the several other characters in the game…

  2. just when i thought i had gotten all the exclusives for once XD of course they make more, hopefully my walgreens steps up its game an actually gets these.

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