PPG review of Crown Customs’ Magneto

Welcome PPG Family, today we will be reviewing a custom done by Crown Customs.

The Master of Magnetism needs no introduction and so does this custom Pop! piece done by Crown Customs. This custom Pop! has certainly been making a buzz around social media and the Pop! Facebook groups. This figure was only limited to 12 pieces and I am glad to say that I am a proud owner of one.

The founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto sits on his throne which consists of a bashed up battle worn sentinel hand that is bent into position by the sheer power of his mutant powers . This custom Pop! statue is another wonderful take on a XM studio statue that bagged the “2015 Best Large Scale Statue” award by StatueForum.

lILDkB7 Throne back

Unfortunately, Crown Customs does not reveal in-process pictures, so sorry to let down all the process junkies who like this kind of stuff. I can only show you amazing pictures of the finished product.

IMG_4940  IMG_4942 IMG_4944

IMG_4945 IMG_4947

One of the things that has obviously catch our attention would be the battered sentinel hand that forms Magneto’s throne. I reached out to Nikko Lim of Crown Customs about the process of making this portion of the custom Pop! and he described that this was one of the most hardest part to accomplish besides Magneto the Pop!. They were figuring how to make this from scratch especially on how to balance the amount of details on such a small throne.

IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4979

From the pictures, it really reveals the amount of work that they have put in just from the scratches and especially the decals that were pasted on the statue hand to make sure it is exactly like the XM counterpart. One of the things that impressed me was the gun that was also sculpted as part of the statue. Crown Customs really has a knack for these details. This is really evident when you look at the cogs near the bottom of the throne. One of the things that also impressed me was that even the creases of  his suit were shown on the Pop! near his shoulders to replicate the exact same feel of the XM statue without having to dishing a whole lot of cash to obtain the actual statue.


My final thoughts for this statue is that this is an extremely amazing piece that surely has made a new benchmark for other customizers especially at the price point they are selling for. One of the things that I wished they did to the statue is to add the magneto helmet on the right hand side of magneto on the empty sidearm. If they could place magnets it would blow this piece out of proportion but then again these are just my ideas to make the pop more interactive and still does not take away the awesomeness of this Pop!

You can continue to check out more of their works at these social media outlets: They are currently having a pre-order for a Deadpool X Colossus combo in honor of the movie that you can check out. Limited to 12 pieces


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrownCustomsPH/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crowncustomsph/


Keeping it Custom, Yours Truly



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