New Dorbz Coming Soon! Daredevil, Adventure Time & Skyrim

Funko announced a whole bunch of new Dorbz today so I’ll just get straight to it!

First up are Daredevil Dorbz based on the characters from Netlix and Marvel’s TV show. The set will include 3 versions of the man without fear; one in his black vigilante costume, another in his infamous red costume that was seen in the last episode of the series and finally, Matt Murdock in his civilain clothes. The fourth figure in the set is Wilson Fisk.


Adventure Time Dorbz are also expected to arrive in April. Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen make up this set. You’ll also have a chance of finding the chase variant of Princess Bubblegum in her lab coat!

Slack for iOS Upload-2



Finally, Skyrim will also be joining the Dorbz family with these Dovahkiin and Daedric Warrior figures.





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