Walmart Exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren Pop! Coming Soon

Funko just held a livestream on Periscope showcasing their second series of Star Wars Pop Vinyl figures. At the end of the stream, it was revealed that Walmart will be carrying an exclusive Unmasked variant of Kylo Ren! Will you be adding this to your Star Wars collection?

Edit: updated with official glam shot!

Kylo Ren Unmasked Pop

Screenshot_20160114-183153~2 Screenshot_20160114-183208~2

22 thoughts on “Walmart Exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren Pop! Coming Soon

    1. Funko tweeted that they should be in stores in early February. I'm definitely looking forward to this one, just started collecting Star Wars Pops a couple months ago and so far have around 25. I focus mainly on exclusive ones. 

  1. I am wicked excited about this!  I actually like Walmart exclusives, locally they are difficult to come by.  They don't seem to be overstocked and not all stores carry them.  It puts some fun in the hunt!  And I love me some Kylo Ren ?.

  2. Kills me that we won't get these in the UK:( gonna be so expensive to buy online with the potential for a damaged box

    1. Tons of people over on come together to find exclusive pops for those who don't have access! And as they're all collectors, like yourself, who want the box in beautiful condition it's safe to say you'd be in good hands! 😀

  3. And if your local Walmart is not located in the U.S. (yep, they exist, ladies and germs), then don't bother. Hope you've made lots of friends Stateside.

  4. My Walmart doesn't sell pops, except for Star Wars ones. Thank goodness this is a Star Wras exclusive.

  5. This looks awesome! 


    I can't wait to get my hands on one of these, just hope I won't have to buy it online. My local Walmart doesn't have much of a selection….


  6. I HATE all these exclusives, because I can never find them in the store and I always end up buying them on eBay or Popcultcha. It won't stop my collection, but I still hate it…

    1. Be very patient Iyzz, I'm sure Funko's line for Episode VIII will have just that. Maybe we'll see Kylo Ren with an NEW uniform and helmet.

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