The new format is live….kind of

So, it’s been a long few days, and I’m going to keep this brief. We just switched hosts again due to some memory/speed issues. We are now on a new host and still experiencing some issues, and with the mobile friendly site being so close to being complete, I made the decision today to let it go live. There are some things that still need to be addressed, and it still may be a little buggy, so feel free to report issues as you run across them. As an FYI, we’re aware the PMs and profiles are still not working correctly.

37 thoughts on “The new format is live….kind of

  1. Love it, so smooth to use – especially on mobile which is where I do most of my PPGing lol 😛 <3

  2. Come a long ways from the days of the funko pop price guide dot com. Great job patient, hope you’re making some good money for all the work.

  3. I like the look of the updated site. However, the Summary page no longer tells you the count/value of just minis, just pops, etc. It only provides the overall count/value. Could we get the previous categorized subtotals back? Thanks.

  4. If you are logged in and go to your “Want” list it was MUCH easier on the old site to see what items were going up and down in the market. The new site shows all down arrows. Will this be fixed?

    1. The arrows you see are actually drop-down menus, not hot/cold indicators. Yes, the indicators will be back, I’m just working on a different way to compare history.

  5. I go try to delete an item on my collection or revise my want list and when i go click on an item a screen will pop up for a fraction of a second and disappear.

  6. Can’t put an item up as just “for trade” it makes me have to put “for sale” looks great though

  7. how come not all the pops show what year they were released? i remember they all use to have it or am i smoking???

  8. I’m new to the site but wanted to compliment the new look. Good luck with the bugs and thanks for this great resource.

  9. I like the new look. I sent some people messages in the old site and never got any responses. Does that have to do with the profiles being buggy now?

  10. it’s a nice look! downside, i can’t go to my account, the page is not found. Cannot reply to messages, cannot post any photos of my pops. Prefer the old one where there is an arrow in the collection tracker if my pop’s price went up or down.

    1. The first three issues are all related, and I’m working with the vendor to get this resolved. The last is a feature that will be reimplemented.

  11. Trying to figure out how to print my lists off…before I could just print by right-click and done. Now it’s garbled. Plus, I liked the values being there (the red & green arrows, blue line) to the right to show the current worth. Thanks.

  12. The new layout is much better and easier to navigate. I had been using site as a guide for over a year to buy and sell accordingly. The only downside is that I finally made an account on Thursday before the update and have to wait till the bugs are fixed to see the responses of my messages:\ Great updates though

  13. Right now i dont like this mobile friendly because, i cant switch to desktop version at all and i like that much better then mobile wich always is bad a as hell. And dont work at all. If u find a way to put it back to desktop version i will love that.

  14. Everything is a little too big for me and I don’t enjoy the how everything is listed. I like the everything else though.

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