Star Wars and Batman Vs Superman Pops Available Today!

Good news for both Star Wars and DC Comics fans! Hot Topic stores should be selling the new Pops as of today! It seems that stock is varied from store to store, but it may be worth checking your local out this morning!

The Batman Vs Figured include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman Soldier and Knightmare Batman.


Funko-Pop-Superman-vs-Batman-2015-SDCC~2 Screenshot_20160101-085258~2

The second wave of The Force Awakens Pops include: Han Solo, Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Nien Nunb, Sidon Ithano and Varmik.Pop Varmik

Pop Han SoloPop Admiral AckbarPop Nien NunbPop Sidon Ithano


17 thoughts on “Star Wars and Batman Vs Superman Pops Available Today!

  1. Just went to my local Hot Topic all they had was batman but it does show there's an armored batman funko to on the back of it. 

  2. My HT only had Batman, Superman,  Han Solo, and Sidon Ithan.

    Really wanted the rest of the BvS series

  3. My Hot Topic only had Batman and Superman of the BvS series. They said they should have the rest soon

  4. I live in Manhattan, so, unfortunately, there aren't any Hot Topics around me – the closest one is in New Jersey.

    1. The garden state only had Batman, Solo, Leia, Varmik, & Nien Nunb

      No Ackbar, Ithano, or Superman

  5. I live in the Denton Tx near Ft. Worth & Dallas, and it seems they were also only selling JUST batman. I left them my info so they could call me when the others did come into their stock. I was told that they should be getting all of them soon, but you never know with Pop! figures.

  6. My Hot Topic in Woodbridge, VA had all the new Star Wars and 2 of the new Alice in Wonderland so I was able to get 8 pops today! Not a bad deal 

  7. Superman I got on Hot Topics website … only luck I've had … some ebay peeps have them for 13 w free shipping … no luck at stores 

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