Some Civil War Pop! News! (SPOILERS)

A retailer has recently (accidentally, we assume) leaked the first wave of Captain America: Civil War Pops! One of the characters is a bit of a spoiler as they have not been announced to be in the movie, so if you want to avoid spoilers, don't scroll to the end of the post!

Here's the line-up:

Agent 13

Black Panther

Black Widow

Captain America


Iron Man

Scarlet Witch

War Machine

Winter Soldier



6 Inch Giant Man! (Ant-Man)

Here are some screenshots of the listings. (It may be worth keeping in mind this may not be the finalised first wave so take it all with a pinch of salt.)






10 thoughts on “Some Civil War Pop! News! (SPOILERS)

  1. Look at TFA, they released 2 waves within 3 monthes. It will be be the same with Civil War. There are just to many characters to throw out at once.

  2. Obviously this won't be all the pops they make for the set. Just like everyone else, I want Falcon too, but he's get asked for a lot so I'm going to assume he will be an exclusive of some kind and we don't even have Spider-man, Vision, Hawkeye, Zemo, or Ant-man listed yet. Not saying they will all get pops, but Spider-man and Zemo will most likely get a pop since Zemo is the villain of the movie and Funko will make money off of a Spider-man figure. 

  3. i was hoping for a new spiderman and a falcon pop. guess ill just have to wait for them to become exclusives someplace

    1. iron spider is in the civil war comics, and thats a walgreens exclusive so half of your wish came true! but falcon maybe in the second set for civil war, along with maybe a bucky barnes holding cap's shield, or maybe a barron zemo, too soon to tell

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