More Pop! Leaks

More leaks inbound from! Several more Pops are listed on their site. Most don't have images yet, but with Toy Fair coming in February, these are probably accurate.


  • Pac Man
  • Ms Pac Man
  • Pac Man Ghosts
  • Toy Story RC Pop! Ride with Woody
  • Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Pop! Ride
  • Toy Story Army Men Pocket Pop! 3 Pack
  • William Wallace from Braveheart
  • One Piece Pops
  • Sailor Moon Pops

FNK7648 FNK7642 FNK7643 FNK7644 FNK7641 FNK7639 FNK7640 FNK6565 

9 thoughts on “More Pop! Leaks

  1. I'm definitely excited for the One Piece Pops. Looking at the site, I see that the pops are going to be Luffy, Chopper, Ace, and Trafalgar Law. I'm surprised they put in two secondary characters instead of the Strawhats. I'm especially surpised there's no Zoro, though I suppose he could be an exclusive.

  2. I will own every one piece pop that comes out! I will be King of the One Piece Pops! 😉

    1. Looking at the Sailor Moon Pops, it's going to be Sailor Moon w/Luna, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus w/Artemis, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini. Why no love for Jupiter???

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