It’s Time to Bust Out the Cham-paggin! More Futurama Pops & Dorbz Coming Soon! (Update)

Funko have announced their second batch of Futurama Pops! Four new characters will be making their Pop! debut, including; Nibbler, Zapp Brannigan, Professor Farnsworth, oh, and why not Zoidberg? These are due out in February.

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If that doesn't fill your Funko and Futurama fix, you can also look forward to some Dorbz! Fry, Leela, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg will be hitting shelves sometime in April.

IMG_20160118_103706UPDATE: Bender will have a gold chase variant. (One in six will be gold).


4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Bust Out the Cham-paggin! More Futurama Pops & Dorbz Coming Soon! (Update)

  1. Kool, I'll pass on these Dorbz except Bender if I find him in store. I like the Nibbler Pop, looks cute.

  2. Very happy to see Zoidberg.  I was surprised he wasn't part of the first round, actually.  I know there is much less thought that goes into what characters get made/variants/etc, than, what we collectors try to analyze…I DO wish they had just made Nibbler part of the the original Leela, leaving room for an Amy POP.  I doubt there will be a third wave…but I wish they hadn't wasted a full size mold for Nibbler, or one for Robot Devil…as I know Futurama collectors would love to have a POP of Amy, Amy's Mom, and Hermes.  Funko is usually pretty good about racial diversity, so I am somewhat surprised they didn't produce either of the major Asian characters or the one African American.  I always feel bad for the actors who voice roles/play characters that never get POP treatment.  American Horror Story is another example.  Now that I have watched the full series…they did SUCH a good job on the POPS that were produced…but I can literally think of 25 other characters, from the five seasons, that would have been amazing in POP form.  I have a feeling since Lady Gaga just won the Golden Globe, and she's, well, Lady Gaga, that there will be another wave.  I just hope it's not five different variations of her character, instead of the plethora of characters that show has created. 

  3. I think they are all very cool. Another series I will have to grab!!

     And to the poster above I really think you have too much time on your hands if your equating Pops cartoon character popularity and pulling a lack of racial diversity from it.

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