Funko Reveals Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Merchandise

Having already revealed the lineup for the Marvel epic clash, Civil War, Funko has now unveiled the full product of DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like Civil War, the BvS line expands beyond Pops into Wobblers, Dorbz, Vinyl Idolz, and Mystery Minis.

We’ve already seen some Pops on the shelves of various retailers. The standard line includes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Knightmare Batman and Superman Soldier. Also keep your eyes open for the metallic Batman Vs. Superman 2-pack at Toys R Us.

Dawn of Justice Pops

The Dorbz line gets five new figures – Batman, Armored Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, plus a Dorbz Ride Batmobile with Batman.

Dawn of Justice Dorbz

The Mystery Minis has a fun assortment of heroes and their alter egos, offering Superman and Clark Kent; Wonder Woman, armed Wonder Woman and Diana Prince; Batman, Knightmare Batman, Armored Batman and Bruce Wayne; plus Aquaman, Superman Soldier, and Alfred. No wonder on whether these will all be 1/12 ratios, but it’s probably safe to assume so given that other movie lines have been distributed this way.

Dawn of Justice Minis and Rides

Fans of the Wacky Wobblers bobble-heads will be able to choose from the four main characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Plus a 4-pack including mini versions of the four.

Dawn of Justice Wobblers

Finally, we will be seeing Pop Pen Toppers from our four heroes, as well as Vinyl Idolz of the titular characters.

Dawn of Justice Other

8 thoughts on “Funko Reveals Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Merchandise

  1. So what store will the Armored Suit Batman be available at. Its listed on the back of the box as we've started to get our pre-orders in, but nowhere is a glam shot available or a store exclusive claim been posted. Just curious…TIA for the info.

  2. I get Batman at hot topic Last Thursday's and I fold superman at game stop today. They are the Batman vs superman ones . 

  3. I can't access the forums for some reason. Can any one PM me in helping figure out how to trade/sell pops to this community? I apologize for the random post. To make it relevant I did get the batman a couple of days ago at hot topic. 

  4. Will Armored Batman be a WonderCon exclusive? The movie and convention both start the same weekend in March… 

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