Funko News from Friday, January 15th

Here's a roundup of all the Funko news from today! 

First up, a brand new Stitch Hikari (Stitch 626) is coming soon with an edition size of 500.


News also surfaced that a Leviathan chase variant of the Castiel Dorbz figure will be produced. The Supernatural Set of Dorbz are set to hit stores next month! 


And finally, Toy Tokyo have announced that an exclusive 1960's Batman and Batmobile Dorbz Rides will be coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Funko News from Friday, January 15th

  1. Of all the possible Supernatural options they have to choose from I'm surprised the Leviathan Castiel is going to be a Chase Dorbz? Supernatural is one of my absolute favorite TV series but it's still an odd choice to me.

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