Funko Announces ‘Legion of Collectors’ DC Comics Subscription Box

The search for the infamous Armored Batman is over! He will be the first exclusive Pop! in Funko's new subscription box service, Legion of Collectors. Similar to Marvel Collector Corps and Smuggler's Bounty, Legion of Collectors will offer a bi-monthly box of DC Comics goodies, including an exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure. Other contents often include a t-shirt, comic, badge and pin, plus other Funko products. 

The first box ships in March (just in time for Batman Vs Superman) so there's still plenty of time to subscribe! You can also sign up for the founder's program. in which you pay in advance for a year's worth of sub boxes and in return are rewarded with an exclusive collectible when the year is up. 




19 thoughts on “Funko Announces ‘Legion of Collectors’ DC Comics Subscription Box

  1. OMG YAY, so happy. Deadwood in February, Armored Batman in March. WooHoo, doirn my happy dance

  2. Because why wouldn't you ship to the rest of the world? If you don't want my money. Why does the USA always gets the awesome stuff?

    1. Im wondering if the deadpool box in February wont have like rubber chicken deadpool or something in it. Just like this armored batman. On the back of the rest of the series, everyone was windering. Then BAM. 

      Then itd be hilarious if the flocked item in smugglers this month was the box itself lmfao

  3. Lawyers and licensing – they don't have the rights to distibute anywhere except the US and Canada (I believe) right now. 


    1. Let me say that is a lie. They just can't handle the international shipping of previous boxes. You can say that I can't compare previous boxes to this one but I can. All these boxes are shipped from the same place and they have the same rights than the others. 

    2. Let me just say that I am annoyed not mad or angry or something. I had a plan to collect all the BvS pops but that's gonna be hard when I have to pay 60$ for only the pop not included shipping.

  4. I  am just going to make my checking account joint with Funko so they can take my money as they see fit. 

  5. This is rubbish! I can get marvel collector corps no problem in the uk!!! But when I want smugglers bounty, or this legion box it only ships to US or canada?. I'm seriously going to stop buying funko products, it's so unfair, I had to pay triple the price for the smugglers bounty box via eBay!. Funko need to seriously address this matter as its really unfair on collectors outside US and Canada. Very very disappointed with funko!

    1. For the price it costs to ship international, you could just buy the POP on the aftermarket (the other contents are of less importance).

  6. They also excluded being able to use an AMEX card for the subscribtion. Just odd how one subscription box vs. another, run by the same organization cannot, cannot function the same way. No matter….I still signed up. I will have to cut off one of my other boxes to compensate….. I cannot wait to see this one.

  7. if people are willing to pay for international shipping I dont see why they don't ship, its like with popcultcha I have no prob paying

  8. Guys I think this Armored Batman is actually a metallic version of a regular Armored Batman.  The reason for me saying this is because I got the blue Aquaman and the Armored Bats is on the back of the box, while the blue Aquaman is not, and instead the regular Aquaman is there.  I think the one in this box is a metallic version of the regular one.

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