Exclusive Eleventh Doctor in Spacesuit Pop! Coming Soon (Updated)


We have been in touch with Big Game Vendor and have an update on the price when they receive the rest of their inventory. For the first seven days, the Pop! will be available for $28.99 on their website. This price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping which comes with insurance in case any damage occurs during transit. An email will be sent out to anyone subscribed to their newsletter once the item becomes available.


Original post as follows:

A retailer by the name of Big Game Vendor will be selling an exclusive Eleventh Doctor in his spacesuit. There will only be 3000 of these available and they should arrive at the beginning of March. (They have already sold the first 24 units they were originally sent by Funko, so a handful of people already own this.)

Fans may remember Eleven wearing the suit in the episode ‘Hide’.


11 thoughts on “Exclusive Eleventh Doctor in Spacesuit Pop! Coming Soon (Updated)

  1. Those first 24 they had in stock sold for $28.99 each. Now they are going to sell the rest of the 2976 for $48.99. I guess it’s their LE exclusive and they can price it how ever they want, but OUCH!

    1. Apparently they are waiting for the other 2976 to arrive and for the first week after that they will be $28.99

      1. And people who are able to buy it for that price will sell it for $50 or more on ebay….

  2. $28.99 is still high….but as was said, its their exclusive, they can sell it for what they like.

    Its no different to Toy Matrix or Harrisons.

    I will still be trying to grab one 🙂

  3. Just checked their site today and the price went down to $19.99. I just hope the scalpers don’t snag all of them up at the reasonable price. Would love to get two. One for me and one for my son.

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