Dirty versions of Call of Duty Pops pulled from Gamestop’s exclusivity

A large quantity of dirty Call of Duty Pops have been found in Gamestop’s stock, pulled, and placed into the hands of other retailers worldwide. When asked about these filthy toys, Funko simply said “Use soap or GTFO.”

(For those who don’t have the sarcasm gene, that paragraph was indeed sarcasm.)

All kidding aside, Funko has taken the four Pops in the Call of Duty line that are (were?) exclusive to Gamestop (Lt. Simon “Ghost Riley”, Brutus, Msgt. Frank Woods, Capt. John Price), slopped some muddy paint on them, and released them to the general public. Entertainment Earth currently has them available for preorder, as does Toy Wars. Kind of a strange move to take a “splattered” version and make it the non-exclusive version, but Funko has done stranger things.

Pop Call of Duty Frank Woods

Pop Call of Duty John Price

Pop Call of Duty Muddy Brutus

Pop Call of Duty Muddy Riley

10 thoughts on “Dirty versions of Call of Duty Pops pulled from Gamestop’s exclusivity

  1. That's lame, only reason i got them was for future value since they were exclusives which is gone now.

    1. Only reason you got them was for future value and not because you liked them? In that case, THANKS FUNKO for screwing people like this guy! Lol. Not a fan of scalpers/ resellers. 

      1. Yeah…I agree with the above comment.  Definitely wouldn't be complaining how you can't sell your exclusives for more money, on a site/forum full of fans of Funko and legitimate collectors,

        1. Oh yeah i'm the kind of person you 2 should totally want to stop collecting. Someone who wants to make a few bucks off of these things unlike the people selling the punisher nemesis pop for $60 or more when they got them early. If that's how this community treats collectors i wouldn't want to be a part of it.

          1. How are you a "collector" if you are trying to make a few bucks off buying and then re-selling them. I'm confused. 

  2. All I can hope is the soap comment means they will release a Soap pop, because I stopped playing once he died.

  3. So does that mean that the game stop exclusive would be more valuable now? Since they are being pulled from the stores. 

    1. I think it was a joke. Since the non-exclusive pops have dirt painted on their faces. There are still plenty of the non-dirt faces at game stop as exclusives to go around. It's just odd that Funko added something to a pop that was already out as an exclusive and made it none exclusive. Hence the joke that game stop received "dirty" ones, so Funko pulled them off the shelves and just made them non-exclusive. 

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