Deadpool with Rubber Chicken will be a Walgreens Exclusive

A photo of the Deadpool with Rubber Chicken Pop! surfaced online today and it seems that it will be a Walgreens exclusive. No word on when these are expected to show up in stores, but given the movie is only two weeks away I can’t imagine it being too much longer. The only two other unaccounted exclusives (pictured on the back of other Deadpool Pop! boxes) are the Cowboy and Chef variants. Where do you think these will end up? Could one be inside February’s Marvel Collector Corps? Let us know what you think in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Deadpool with Rubber Chicken will be a Walgreens Exclusive

  1. i hope the collector corps is something completely different than the chef or cowboy. i currently have all of the deadpool pops but the two swords, kinda want to complete the series and move on

  2. I’m hoping the Chimichanga van will be in the Feb Collector Corp box, but will be stoked to add any Pop! to my collection.

    1. They only way that could happen though is if they did a movie version. There is already 3 different versions of it.

  3. I went to two walgreens and neither had them. I was told the stores aren’t getting many of them.

  4. GODDAMNIT! I hate Walgreens getting some good exclusives because Walgreens around my area doeasnt carry crap except some star wars pops, im getting a little annoyed i have to pay 2-3xs more online for them because Walgreens is run by idiots who dont know how to stock there stores.

  5. Walgreens is the freaking WORST place for exclusives…. they only get like 2 of each, but it always looks like the employees drop kicked them all across the store.

  6. I agree hard finding much at Walgreens. They don’t have much shelf space and take forever to get new product out. But because of that they have to be much lower production numbers so kinda balances out.

  7. I have 6 Walgreens within a few miles of me and only 1 had the last set of Spiderman exclusives , so guess its gonna be a hunt hoping to fing this Deadpool

  8. some walgreens around me are cool, but they dont know how to treat the boxes, even when they ring them up for me, its like they just drop the box in the bag with the other boxes?! im like “i just said to be careful with the boxes miss” they just dont know about funko collectors and how one dent will ruin a day for a funko addict, and like a week for me! hahahaha

  9. I work at Walgreens in Danbury, CT and I ordered and received 96 of these! Ask your stores to order them! They’re in stock in our warehouses now!! ?

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