Collector Showcase with Chris Preston & Tam Pham

In this Collector Showcase Feature we spoke with friends/coworkers Chris Preston & Tam Pham together because they've found a unique way to grow and display their collection while getting to share it with anyone that comes to their office for assistance and technical support. This AOL Mid-Atlantic Desktop Support Team in Virginia has one of the coolest office spaces possible to really showcase their amazing collection! As you can imagine their office has been the highlight of the day for "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" and for all the "kids' at heart" that pop in for help and guidance or just to see what they've recently added. Their collection has inspired curiosity and interest in Funko and helped get other coworkers into collecting Pops as well.



1. How long have you been collecting Funko products?

Chris: About 3 Years. Tam: About 5 Years.

2. What was your first Funko item?

Chris: Original Greedo & Original Han(bought together)

Tam: The 4 Avengers(Hulk,Captain America,Thor & Iron Man)

3. How many Funko collectibles do you own?

Chris: 148  Tam: 62

4. Do you have a favorite line OR line you would like to see?

Chris: Star Wars  Tam: Star Trek:The Next Generation

5. What are your Top 5 "Must Own" items?

Chris:  1. 2014 SDCC Freddy Funko The Joker Dark Knight GITD

             2. 2011 SDCC Shadow Trooper

             3. Holographic Darth Maul

             4. 2012 SDCC Biggs Darklighter

             5. 2012 SDCC 501st Clone Trooper

Tam:   1. 2013 SDCC Ned Stark(Headless)

            2. 2011 SDCC Shadow Trooper

            3. Holographic Darth Maul

            4. 2012 SDCC Biggs Darklighter

            5. 2012 SDCC 501st Clone Trooper

6. What is your best deal/favorite find story?

Chris: I have a couple of stories. Back in early 2013 Tam Pham,who originally introduced me to Pops when he had brought his own in to work showed me some rare Pops he thought I should buy. I thought "hmm,sure,why not!" so he sent me a few links. These Pops ended up being the Original Greedo,Original Han Solo and the 2012 SDCC Pop Exclusives Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Storm Trooper disguises. I bought Greedo and Han Solo together for $75. I bought Luke and Han as Storm Trooper's together for $95. They are now collectively worth about $740 . Later that year Tam sent me another link for the 2013 SDCC Boba Fett(Droids) Exclusive to buy for about $35. It is now worth about $250. I bought Biggie and Tupac for my wife for $25 which is now worth about $190 together. The "one" I let get away,Holographic Darth Maul for $75…its worth about $700 now. 🙁

Tam: Actually,my favorite finds would have to be the one's I found for Chris. I've never paid more than the original price for any Pop.

7. What line are you excited about that has yet to be released?

Chris: Voltron & G.I. Joe (recently released)

Tam: Voltron

8. Do you complete set's with every variant or are you happy to own just certain Pops in a line for example?

Chris: I'm happy just owning certain Pops but I find myself collecting certain characters like Boba Fett,Joker and Leonardo(TMNT)

Tam: I'm happy just owning certain Pops.

9. Favorite Social Networking Group for News,Buying,Trading or Selling?

Chris: Pop Price Guide & Funko Pop! Buy-Sell-Trade (Facebook)

Tam: Pop Price Guide

10. Do you collect any other types of Collectibles?

Chris: Star War's 6" Black Series & Lego Star Wars

Tam: Comic Books

11. If you could start a new line or variant additions to an existing line what would you create?

Chris: I would create a Mortal Combat & Street Fighter line.

Tam: I would want to add variants and additions to the Star Trek: The Next Generation line.

12. Any advice for new collectors or something you wish you knew when you started collecting? Words of Wisdom?

Chris: If you are into collecting then be patient with your investments and get them in to Pop Protectors.

Tam: I've found that the uglier the character the more valuable they become because they are less desirable which translates into less production. Example Greedo,Gamorrean Guard,Jawa,Tusken Raider,Jar Jar ect.










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